Choco Journey - Your inner journey

Choco Journey

During our Choco journey we work with the power of what Mother Nature offers us to make you go on an inner journey. We take, among other things, ceremonial cocoa, a mix of 20 heart-opening herbs, and others. This in the form of one or more specially made pralines.

Why take on this journey?

  • You long to connect more with yourself
  • You've heard a lot about natural medicine and now you've become curious if it calls you to turn inward in this way
  • You want to get closer to yourself to live fully
  • You feel yourself searching and longing for answers
  • You want to get out of your head, connect fully with your heart and body and connect with your true being to discover who you really are
  • You feel like another mission is waiting for you and want to find out what it is
  • You feel that there is more to yourself and life
  • You want to de-stress and find inner peace
  • You want to reconcile with your past and heal any traumas
  • You are not feeling well and are open to help through natural medicines

Natural medicines can be seen as unique medicines for the soul. A Choco Journey ceremony makes it possible to make a deep inner journey that can support you enormously in your life. It helps you with insights, awakening, healing from the past or pain in the present and to develop more self-love. It helps you to face the future in your personal strength.

How do you prepare yourself?

A strict diet is not necessary. Recommended three to five days before Ceremony: no chickpeas or legumes, no citrus fruits. No dairy unless sheep or goat. As little meat as possible, chicken is ok. No pig. Fish can. No yeast. Little fermentation, so no very ripe fruit. Little sugar, salt, oil and strong spices.
It is best to avoid coffee, alcohol and sexual activity at least 48 hours before and after the Ceremony.
No more (large) meals on the day before the Ceremony.
Preferably no perfumes either.


You are welcome at 9:30 am.
Then there is room to land quietly, we drink a herbal tea or warm water and you get the opportunity to share why you are here and what intention you like to set.
Around 10 am we open the Sacred Space and invite the Spirits.
After the ceremony we eat a soup to nourish our body. Healthy snacks and water are also provided.
Those who feel called upon can briefly share something about their experience during a sharing circle.

What you can bring:

  • A large bottle of water (also good to hydrate in the run-up)
  • Possibly your own blanket, pillow, with which you feel comfortable and comfortable
  • If something calls.. a stone, poem, card, whatever.. listen to your feeling (nothing is completely ok either) and you can place this at the altar if desired
  • White clothing for the Ceremony (or a light color)

Organization and supervision: Christophe and Anke
Location: Meubelmakersdreef 6, 8510 Bellegem (Kortrijk - W-Vl)
Date: Sat 26 August from 9.30 am to +/- 3 pm
Price: 175€


You can register by contacting us and specifying the number of people. We will then provide you with the details for the transfer. After receipt of payment, your registration is final.

Do you know someone else who might be interested? Please feel free to forward this information!

If you have any questions, we're here to answer them.

Looking forward to our journey,
From our Heart to your Heart

Lots of love,
Christophe and Anke