Country: Belgium
    Province: East Flandres (BE)
    Location: BE - Beveren-Waas
    Therapist for: Men, Women
    Therapy form: 4-hands massage, Duo massage, Energetic massage, Tantra massage (lingam), Tantra massage (yoni)

    About me

    Tantra massage Anke

    Looking back at my path, I can say that slowing down and self-love have been the greatest gift I could give myself. Top sport, which has kept me busy for years, has ensured that I was in a certain flow in which setting goals, perfection and the winning mentality were central to my life and had shaped me into who I had become. After the end of this period I started to delve into personal development, spirituality, sexuality, therapeutic dance, breathing techniques, bodywork, massage techniques and coaching. Coming to the pure essence and learning to feel from my heart has shaped me into the new version of myself, in which I have been able to discover who I really am from full surrender and passion. Without pressure, haste and especially in my soft femininity. Just being…

    By having integrated this new form of “being”, I have come to realize what my real life mission was and what makes my heart happy. Namely, letting people connect with the realness within themselves. Letting everything flow from my heart and intuition, in order to be able to go to complete surrender. From heart to heart, each in their own unique way. Creating a safe place where we can just be ourselves, with great respect for each other and without judgment.

    I like to pass on my magical enthusiasm and my energetic power to like-minded souls.


    Tantra massage

    Because it is important to me to land together, we start with an intake interview so that we give each other the time and space to connect. While drinking a delicious tea, any needs, obstacles, doubts or intentions are discussed in order to dive further in complete surrender from here. Blockages and possible challenges are tackled so that you can release them afterwards and thus stay in deep relaxation in a safe way. The journey you will make as a recipient is an individual journey. This means that I will guide you as a therapist in your process, but that I will not go along in the journey in any way. A sexual interaction/approach is therefore not accepted. The tantra massage is about receiving, as a 'giver' I should not receive anything in return. Setting boundaries is important for both the receiver and the giver. Good agreements ensure the best results. During lingam or yoni massage, life energy is used. The massage is therefore not aimed at a happy ending.

    This massage is done on a mattress so that there is better blood flow and you can work deeper on the energy flow. When you're ready, it's time to change. There is a large towel waiting for you. Afterwards you come to the mat and start the massage. Time to relax and explore your deepest self.
    We start at the back of the body. Both head, arms, shoulders, back, legs and feet are covered. This allows you to calmly go to a deeper state of his pockets and you can fully come to yourself. Let go of everything and enjoy the here and now.
    Then you turn around and I massage the front of your body. Every part of your unique body is seen, allowed to be there and gets the necessary attention. During the massage I apply breathing and energetic techniques to allow you to sink even deeper into your state of being. This from full focus and respect in which I give the best of myself to let you enjoy the best possible session.
    After the massage you have a moment to come back to yourself, so that you can land on 'the earthly' again and that you can feel what exactly this massage has brought about in you. Once you arrive back, there is still room to share any questions or thoughts, so that you can finally conclude this experience together. Each massage is a unique experience and will be experienced differently each time. Everything depends on the state of being where you are at that moment in your life.

    *** This, is the beginning of loving yourself. Welcome home. ***

    Duo tantra massage

    If you feel like sharing this experience with your partner or friend, you can also opt for our duo tantra massage.
    The massage is given by Christophe and myself, in one room where 2 mats lie side by side.

    Practical agreements

    Anke tantra massage praktijk

    • Be on time so that the scheduled times can be respected.
    • Respect for each other's boundaries is crucial.
    • If the appointment cannot take place, please notify 24 hours in advance so that no unnecessary costs are charged.
    • Good hygiene is a must! If this is not the case, the massage cannot continue.
    • Drink plenty of water after the massage so that released waste can be properly drained.
    • I am not naked during the session and under no circumstances engage in sexual interaction with you as the recipient.
    • The lingam and yoni massage are not aimed at a happy ending.
    • Please bring appropriate cash. The settlement is always BEFORE the massage so that you can remain in complete relaxation afterwards and do not immediately have to go back to your head.
    • Enjoyment is the message.

    Anke tantra massage praktijk 2


    Tantra massage

    • Session of 2 hours: €200 (15min intake conversation, 1h30min massage, 15min to land back and possible sharing round. (without lingam/yoni massage)
    • Session of 2.5 hours: €250 (15min intake conversation, 2h massage, 15min to land back and possible partial round. (lingam/yoni massage possible)
    • Session of 3 hours: €300 (15min intake conversation, 2h30min massage, 15min to land back and possible sharing round (lingam/yoni massage possible)

    Duo tantra massage

    • Session of 2.5 hours: €500 (15min intake conversation, 2h massage, 15min to land back and possible partial round. (lingam/yoni massage possible)
    • Session of 3 hours:  €600 (15min intake conversation, 2h30min massage, 15min to land back and possible sharing round (lingam/yoni massage possible)

    Since I have been with you a number of times, so much is happening in my inner world, unbelievable. You have not only opened my heart, but much more. I feel that beautiful things have started everywhere in me, I have no words for it, but I do feel them. Beautiful. Oh, Anke, I am so grateful to you. You are my spiritual midwife. You help me with my rebirth, my spiritual and emotional awakening. This is the best gift I could give myself. Thanks to you I found myself again and a new version was created that I am incredibly happy with.
    See you soon, I'm already looking forward to a lovely new trip.

    Jan (session 4) [therapist: Anke]

    Hi Anke, before I plop down on the couch at home, I would like to thank you for this afternoon.
    For me it was an experience in which I tried to surrender as best as possible.
    I felt completely at ease from the moment I arrived. I haven't felt any shame or discomfort towards you, which is strange, because I don't know you at all, and I myself have been seriously struggling with the way my body looks lately. Also when experiencing my first lingam massage ever, I was able to enjoy this without thinking about what you would be thinking.
    You radiate positive energy.
    I felt safe, secure and maybe weird to say, but loved as a human being. I wonder what I will feel in the next few days. For now, I can say that I'm not fully back on Earth yet.
    I enjoy it for a while.
    Most of all I feel inner peace, put the worries into the background for a while, and put myself first.
    I am glad that I came to you for this first experience, I am very grateful to you!

    ps: to be continued (as far as I'm concerned).

    Dear and warm regards.

    Pascal (session 1) [therapist: Anke]

    Still completely in the flow of a tantra massage, I want to convince anyone who is still hesitating to take the step towards it to take this hurdle. Don't let the media influence you, but contact Anke. As a professional, Anke explains in advance what the session entails. Upon arrival I immediately felt welcome, a cup of tea broke the ice. I saw the massage as a gift to myself. Anke activates the energy flows with an open heart, so that - a few days after the tantra massage - I still have a cloud of self-confidence. I feel that I have taken the next step on the path of my personal development.

    W. (session 1) [therapist: Anke]

    At the first meeting with Anke I was a bit nervous and especially very curious what this new experience would bring. But I'm glad to have shared this with her.
    We had a good and open conversation on the phone beforehand, she reassured me and listened to my story and my needs. When we met, I noticed a sea of openness and tranquility.
    During the massage she really takes her time to give her full attention to you, she provides a safe place where you can go into complete surrender and every touch happens from a place of love and acceptance.
    After that she takes all the time to let you relax and share if necessary.
    The massage and Anke as a therapist are top quality and the energy you feel afterwards is indescribable.
    Definitely worth coming back.

    K. (session 1) [therapist: Anke]

    Today I had myself massaged by Anke.
    The moment I entered I immediately felt at ease, Anke listens very carefully to your story and your problems and guides you fantastically.

    The massage itself was extremely relaxing and healing. Every chakra has been treated by Anke and the energy flow improved.
    I was able to release a lot emotionally and physically.

    After the massage we had a relaxing conversation and exchanged some ideas.

    Thank you Anke for the beautiful experience. You are 1 out of 1000!

    C. (session 1) [therapist: Anke]

    Nice the way you treated me, Anke. You touched something deep in me. Of course my skin but also something that is deeper. You opened something in me. I can't tell what it is yet. Something in me has opened up again. Thank you for this. I feel very safe with you. You built up the massage very nicely, so that I could surrender more and more. Very careful and involved. With love and attention
    I feel my life energy flowing again. And that is very precious to me, because I am going through a difficult phase in my life. You have tapped my vitality and made it flow. I felt myself become so beautiful when you massaged my lingam and the area around my lingam. I enjoyed the intimacy I felt.
    Another special thing is that I felt two energies at the same time. A masculine energy when my lingam became so stiff and also a feminine energy in surrendering myself completely to what I received from you.
    What a gift! I feel very grateful and seen. I'm glad you came into my life. I had a beautiful afternoon. Thank you for what you meant to me. My heart has opened.
    Yes, that's the answer. At the beginning of this report I wondered what you had struck in me. Something deeper. Now I know: you touched my heart. I opened up.

    Jan (session 1) [therapist: Anke]

    What an experience!
    I recently had an energetic massage done by Anke.
    This lady knows exactly what she's doing
    I was able to relax immediately despite the fact that I am currently in one of the most hectic periods of my life. In one way or another it has also released a lot of things for me that I have carried with me since childhood.
    I was really relieved, like a weight had been lifted off me.
    Gratitude was the word that kept coming up. 🙏🏻
    That's mostly what I felt.
    Highly recommended. A real top experience and certainly worth repeating. 👌🏻

    Z. (session 1) [therapist: Anke]

    Booked a session with Anke for the first time. I felt at ease from the first telephone conversation. Before the massage we first had a good and open conversation that made me feel comfortable.
    During the massage I could completely surrender to Anke's soft hands.
    I felt the energy flowing through my body and felt recharged afterwards.
    To be repeated!
    Thanks for the nice experience!

    Emiel (session 1) [therapist: Anke]

    My session with Anke was great! After having a lot of experience with the path of tantra, I can say that I was positively surprised.

    After I was half frozen, with my tantra massage from someone else a few days later, I was happy with the heated mattress at Anke. Now I could completely let go of that and immerse myself in the massage itself. The music matched perfectly and everything was very neat!

    It took a while before I was completely in my body and Anke was very patient. When she started with the Lingam massage everything started to flow and I felt the energy flowing wonderfully in my body. Shouting, tears, shaking, everything came to the surface and Anke remained present with a very pleasant warm energy, so that I felt completely safe and could let everything take its natural course.

    Highly recommended for those looking for "the real deal", given by someone with her heart in the right place!

    S. (session 1) [therapist: Anke]

    Are you pregnant?
    I will inform you as soon as possible of the additional costs for kilometers and extra time
    PAY ATTENTION! Zoë only gives coaching, NO MASSAGE!
    View Frederike's profile for more information about the possible sessions.
    Energetic organ massage
    Neuro-emotional integration
    Given by Patrick and Isabelle
    Given by Christophe and Saskia
    Given by Christophe and Anke
    Longer session possible (+ 50€ per extra 30 min)
    DO NOT suggest dates on weekends please
    DO NOT suggest dates on weekends please
    Given by Patrick and Isabelle
    Double rate applies for duo massage.
    Double rate applies for duo massage.
    These sessions include conversation, preparation and ritual, massage of 1.5-2h-3h, refreshing and aftertalk.
    Given together with Christophe
    More info at personal contact
    Optioneel. Ik wens een:
    Together with a female colleague therapist
    Optioneel. Ik wens een:
    Together with a female colleague therapist
    Optioneel. Ik wens een:
    Together with a female colleague therapist I give you and your partner a massage at the same time.
    Optioneel. Ik wens een:
    Together with a female colleague therapist I give you and your partner a massage at the same time.
    Optioneel. Ik wens een:
    Together with a female colleague therapist I give you and your partner a massage at the same time.
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