Country: Belgium
    Province: West Flandres (BE), East Flandres (BE), Antwerp (BE)
    Location: BE - Kortrijk | Beveren-Waas
    Therapist for: Women
    Therapy form: 4-hands massage, Pelvic floor massage, Duo massage, Energetic massage, Relaxation massage, Sexual healing, Tantra coaching, Tantra massage (yoni), Tantra massage workshop, Tantra pregnancy massage

    Tantra massage ChristopheAbout me

    After having gained experience with relaxation massage, sports massage, humane shiatsu and shiatsu for horses, in a way I was still hungry for more.

    In my search for videos about spirituality I at one point came out on a video of the Somananda Tantra School in which Somananda gave someone a tantra treatment / massage that I was watching with open mouth.

    Shortly thereafter I bumped into a second video of him and for me, as a scientifically trained person, this was the definitive trigger to start the course to become a tantra massage therapist. In this video, in May 2015 a test was set up in a lab environment in Denmark to measure the healing tantric energy during a treatment by Somananda. The results exceeded every expectation and the Danish scientists were unable to provide an unambiguous explanation for the phenomenon they recorded on their monitors.

    During the intensive training in Estonia to become a Tantra Massage Therapist I was able to experience the possible effects of a treatment in both a giving and a receiving role. The very positive feedback after giving and the profound experience during receiving a treatment have led me to continue walking this path and gain more experience and knowledge through further energetic treatments and training / workshops.


    For massages or workshops on location, you can indicate this on the appointment form and fill in the address. I will then inform you as soon as possible about the total price. A travel cost (by car) of €0.5/km is charged as standard.

    Blog articles:


    Sometimes I also write down shorter texts in a kind of diary style at times when I feel like it.


    • 2007: Massage therapist training (relaxation massage, sports massage) - Wellness Academy
    • 2007-2010: Horse shiatsu training
    • 2008-2009: Humane shiatsu training
    • 2018: Tantra Massage Therapist training - Estonia, Tallinn
    • 2019: Sadhana with Guruji Rajkumar: Discover the power of Tantra - AlpenRetreat, Austria
    • 2020: Tantra Massage Therapist training (advanced) - Estonia, Tallinn
    • 2023: Hypnotherapist training - Hans Geervliet


    Is energetic massage or tantra massage new to you? Do you still have questions and/or do you want to share something first? Is it important for you to get acquainted to see if your feeling is right?

    In these cases I recommend that you first consider booking a (short) online video call of 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes. This can be done via Google Meet (if you have a Google account), via Zoom or via Whatsapp.

    Mainly you choose what we talk about, but the following matters can be discussed: your intentions to choose energetic bodywork, (traumatic) experiences you have undergone, personal development and spirituality, your physical and mental health, sexual health, ...

    If you book a massage after a conversation of 30m or longer, you pay the rate of 2 hours for the session of 2.5 hours and the rate of 2.5 hours for the session of 3 hours.

    Massage course


    The massage is usually performed on a mat (futon) because this is more practical for movements and more suitable for energetic work.
    A massage table is also possible on request and depending on the desired session.

    Warm almond oil is used as base oil for the massage. This cold-pressed oil is 100% natural, nourishing for all skin types and rich in unsaturated fatty acids and various vitamins such as vitamins A & E. Essential oils are also added to this base oil.

    A great deal of importance is attached to hygiene, both by me as a giver and you as a recipient of the massage. Therefore, please always take a bath or shower before our appointment.

    This is generally how a massage proceeds. Depending on your choices, some (parts of) steps may not take place:

    1. Welcome and (short) acquaintance/conversation
    2. You get a big towel and after changing* clothes, you may lie down on the futon (mat).
    3. Massage back (back/legs/feet)
    4. Massage front (chest/abdomen/arms/legs/pelvis)
    5. Massage of genital zone - yoni massage (optional)

    For massages of 2 hours or less, please bring your own 2 large towels if possible.

    * You don't have to take off your underpants if you feel uncomfortable doing so. I myself give the massage dressed.

    Energetic massage

    An energetic massage starts as a relaxation massage. Due to a combination of factors (duration, build-up, trust, safety, intention, breathing, focus) more profound, energetic and healing effects can occur over time (see also: general info).

    This massage is in fact identical to the tantra massage, with the only difference that an energetic massage does not work with the sexual energy and no yoni massage takes place.

    Duration: 2h - 2.5h - 3h

    Tantric massage

    More explanation:

    Duration: 2h - 2.5h (default) - 3h

    Sexual healing

    A sexual healing session can be compared to a tantra massage where the focus is on treating the entire pelvic region with a more extensive yoni massage. This can be especially useful for women who have problems with sexual intimacy. This is often linked to (traumatic) experiences as a child, both physically and emotionally, in which personal boundaries were not respected.

    Duration: 2h - 2.5h (default) - 3h


    Are you looking for deeper insight and fulfillment in your sexual and emotional life? Do you feel a lack of intimacy, whether you are single or have a partner who does not fully understand you or is not on the same wavelength? In this case, coaching can provide support or even a solution.

    For women:
    Find a safe and supportive environment to explore and improve your sexual and emotional well-being. Learn how to embrace your feminine energy, create deeper connections and fully utilize your sexual potential. Discover techniques to better understand yourself and fulfill your own needs and desires.

    For men:
    Receive guidance to better understand and support your partner. Learn how to build more emotional and physical intimacy, and how to create a deeper and more fulfilling relationship. Develop skills to appreciate and empower your female partner.

    For singles and couples:
    Coaching helps both singles and couples to grow spiritually and relationally. Discover how you can live a fulfilling life as a single person, and how as a couple you can forge a deeper bond that is both spiritually and emotionally enriching.

    What to expect:

    • Personal sessions tailored to your unique needs.
    • Practical techniques and insights for more fulfillment in your relationships.
    • Support in overcoming barriers that stand in the way of intimacy and connection.
    • A safe space to explore and discuss your deepest feelings and desires.

    Take the step towards a more fulfilling and conscious life. Discover how coaching can help you grow and flourish, both spiritually and relationally.
    It's never too late to start your journey towards self-discovery and deeper connection.

    Coaching can take place through an online video call or on location (Kortrijk or a location of your choice).

    Duration: 0.5h - 1h - ...

    Tantra pregnancy massage

    A tantra pregnancy massage is a tantra massage adapted and intended for women during their pregnancy. Yoni and perineum massage are very useful and valuable in preparation for birth. Read more.

    Duration: 2h - 2.5h - 3h

    Duo tantra massage

    You can also opt for a duo energetic/tantra massage together with your friend or partner.

    Option 1: in Kortrijk, together with Saskia

    The massage is given by Saskia and myself, in one room where 2 futons (mats) are side by side.
    It is also possible to shower before and after the massage.

    Duration: 2.5 to 3h

    Option 2: in Zwevegem, together with Tine

    The massage is given by Tine and myself, in one room where 2 futons (mats) are side by side.

    Duration: 2 to 2.5h

    Option 3: in Beveren-Waas, together with Anke

    The massage is given by Anke and myself, in one room where 2 futons (mats) are side by side.

    Duration: 2.5h or 3h

    4-hands tantra massage

    Pamper and relax your body and mind during this deep and intimate experience.
    The double touches lead to more intense sensory stimuli and sensations. We activate the life energy throughout your body in a powerful, balanced way and your chakras (energy centers) are brought into balance.
    You become more aware of your own body, both physically and energetically. Connect with the energy, surrender completely and explore and celebrate your sensuality in a safe and respectful environment.

    The massage is given by Anke and myself.

    Duration: 2h or 2.5h

    Workshop tantra massage

    Do you want to learn how to give an energetic tantra massage yourself?

    In a very practical way you learn step by step the movements that you can use as a basis for the massage. In addition, I explain to you what energy work exactly entails and how you can give a massage in this way.

    The workshop preferably takes place in sessions of 3 hours. The number of sessions necessary for learning the full massage is 2 to 4, depending on the learning speed, additional questions you have and the number of times you want to practice.

    On the appointment form you can indicate whether you bring a friend or partner as a practice person. If this is not the case, the workshop can continue with one of my clients as a practice person.

    After the workshop you will have access to a series of videos that repeat the tantra massage and can serve as guidance.

    Tantra massage therapie


    Introduction via video call:

    • 15m - 0€
    • 30m - 30€
    • 45m - 45€
    • 60m - 60€

    Massage prices standard according to the duration:

    • 1h - 80€
    • 1.5h - 115€
    • 2h - 150€
    • 2.5h - 175€
    • 3h - 200€


    • 0.5h: 35€
    • 1h: 65€
    • 1.5h: 90€

    Duo tantra massage:

    • Kortrijk: 2.5 to 3h - 400€ (2x 200)
    • Zwevegem: 2 to 2.5h - 450€ (2x 225)
    • Beveren-Waas: 2.5h - 550€ (2x 275) | 3h - 650€ (2x 325)

    4-hands tantra massage:

    • 2h - 450€
    • 2.5h - 550€

    Workshop: 3h - 175€

    Depending on the desired session, a (short) introductory conversation is also included.

    Payment for video calls is done in advance via the webshop, bank transfer or QR code (shared payment request via email or whatsapp).
    Payment is possible through wire transfer (mobile app) or cash.

    I am able to thank myself for this week's beautiful, intense session full of dedication, of course under your very gentle, profound and expert guidance.

    You offer the confidence in all softness and the safe space to be able to go completely into vulnerable, free surrender. Something I've become increasingly successful at after x number of sessions.

    What a beautiful and often underestimated power our sexual source energy is, in combination with our prana, life energy and breath. Inextricably linked in the beautiful universal energy of all that is.

    As we mentioned before, it remains a nice exercise to hold on to this for as long as possible or even better and to also be able to go back to/recall it in many other situations in daily challenges of life. Work in progress, but that is life and also makes it beautiful and permanently challenging in all its facets 😉

    G. (session 7) [therapist: Christophe]

    I hesitated for so long about going, literally until an hour before the massage and then gave myself a figurative shot in the ass and left with an open mind and I didn't regret it at all.
    A warm welcome and I saw a way out and that was reassuring. A glass of water, a quiet warm atmosphere made me talk about everything I had already experienced, no stress, no judgments, the occasional question, a comment and then it was time for the massage, yes except for my underpants, literally naked and with closed eyes open to what was to come.
    It was fireworks, feelings, emotions are shooting in all directions, oops, that doesn't feel good, okay, let it go, experience it, feel it, accept it and experience it, because the flow of feelings it brings about is incredible and nothing, absolutely nothing sexual, but intense, of "it can be like that", receiving and enjoying without more, being embraced without anything being asked or expected of you. It's tough, but so nice to feel that your body is cherished without having to do anything in return. The most beautiful moment for me was when the hands were intertwined, so beautiful, so warm, so tender.
    Thank you for this experience, this surrender, this journey through a jungle of emotions, feelings, thoughts, Christophe, thank you for the hug, thank you for everything!

    Nancy (session 1) [therapist: Christophe]

    I visited you for the second time on Friday for a tantra massage.
    This time I was able to completely relax. Which I didn't think because I have already had a few tough months of intense sadness this year. Now 2 days later there is still some sadness, but somewhere I also feel a relief. I will definitely come back because I feel a change in my body. You make me a better person.

    Thank you very much 🙏

    E. (session 2) [therapist: Christophe]

    I would like to give you a special thank you for Saturday's session. All the sadness that is in me was there, and because I felt some pressure to get something done on time afterwards, I think that it was completed too quickly by myself... while it was a very special experience, especially because of the doubt about whether I am allowed/not allowed to enjoy it while I am sad for a loved one... I hope to be able to continue working on that next time.

    Thank you very much for teaching me step by step to receive, enjoy, and to dare to feel and live my life energy again, because you remain super professional and without judgement. I look forward to the next session.

    A. (session 8) [therapist: Christophe]

    My first experience with a tantra massage from Christophe was a bull's eye for me. The information I read on the site convinced me to take the step. It is out of my comfort zone, but I have learned in the meantime that this is a step towards personal growth.
    I was reassured from the first moment I entered the room. A conversation before and after in a very safe atmosphere gives it an extra dimension and was enriching for me. The energy flow that I felt in my body, physical sensations and emotions that emerged during the massage, had a lot of impact.
    For me this is the first of many times to come.

    H. (session 1) [therapist: Christophe]

    I had to recover from the mixed emotions after the massage yesterday with a beautiful sunset and mint tea. Some emotions came back during and after the massage that I had not expected. My mind and body were a bit confused from what I had experienced. I finished in the evening and allowed what I couldn't allow onto the mat. I slept very quietly and peacefully afterwards. Today I feel happy, reborn and cheerful with a sparkling feeling in my stomach, which makes me in an aroused mood all the time 😅. I also enjoy little things like the warm wind on my skin.

    Thank you for the lasting smile today and the experience is definitely worth repeating!

    T. (session 1) [therapist: Christophe]

    The experience was good  and positive and I am glad I did it. No guilt, a little "shame" as i have to hide this  part of myself  to people close to me.

    What's positive: I could let my over-sensitive body "be" and experience multiple and successive moments of joy, even if my head was often trying to take control.  
    It was also difficult at the begining, and a few times during the massage, to accept being watched, but i felt much more at ease than I expected. Thank you for that!

    The pressure in my heart chakra almost dissipated, maybe crying and walking afterwards helped. 
    I am wondering  how the massage let this vulnerability show up in this timing.

    Also, the slow continuous movement during the internal yoni massage felt sooo right! I was a bit overwhelmed after the massage.

    I still have body movement, and pleasure in my body with no action from my part... Thank you!

    F. (session 1) [therapist: Christophe]

    I had been curious about Tantra massage for a very long time. For my upcoming birthday, I decided to give myself the gift of surrender and freedom.

    After a lot of research, I decided that Christophe would be my first entry into Tantra. Christophe was very kind and patient, helping me relax, and build trust from the beginning. I literally had to take a nap upon getting home from my session because I was still floating.

    I cannot put in words how mind blowing this was, and was pleased to find that I could totally surrender on my first try. It’s been over eight hours after, and I still feel all the energy flowing through me. Surges of vibrations lingering, heightened awareness, and a very, very calming state of bliss.

    I would encourage everyone I know to try Tantra at least once; as I said to Christophe, every woman should do Tantra at least once in her life (this feeling of total acceptance of body, mind and spirit is precious).

    Thank you for this amazing gift of freedom, awareness, joy and lightness! I hope it lingers for a long time. 

    Onome (session 1) [therapist: Christophe]

    What I am experiencing now since the last massage...

    My energy is different, I used to be able to evoke the feelings by thinking about them, now it happens without my control. I wake up almost every night or early morning and feel: Aroused, it just happens to me, loss of control (also sometimes during the day). That's a bit scary for me, I didn't know that (Fun but difficult when I actually want to sleep and then I can't fall asleep again 🤭).

    It's even hard to write it down now.
    I then feel electric shocks, a fireball ☄️ through my belly and my yoni, etc...

    I'm always nervous when I come to your place, it sometimes feels like I'm taking a test, exam or something.
    While with you it is a safe place for me where I can and may be 100% myself.
    So...🙏 again, I can let go of everything with you, it's getting better and better and it no longer takes any effort for me, very special.
    I'm writing this down here now because I might not get it said...
    (Phew, I managed to do it).

    L. (session 26) [therapist: Christophe]

    It has been a year since I first came for a tantra massage. It was my very first introduction to tantra. I remember you saying it could set something in motion. That was quite an understatement! Since that first session I have undergone such an evolution in so many areas of my life. The tantra world has already brought me so much, really nice!
    Yesterday I came by again for a massage. I continue to be amazed by the effect you have on me. From the first touch I felt a tremor throughout my body. It was the starting signal of a very profound session. Never before have I felt so safe, so worthy and so free. My body and mind felt your peace and were thus invited to completely relax. The build-up of the yoni massage was so gentle, really wonderful to experience. You made a big difference, tears flowed down my cheeks and at the same time I felt so happy. It was a transcendent experience, the worldly disappeared and at the same time I could not be closer to myself. You make me feel like a woman through and through. Thank you!!

    Tine (session 5) [therapist: Christophe]

    Hello Christophe,

    I admitted a tantra massage in mid-December. I just wanted to let you know that this has been a great experience for me. Opening myself up in this way has become a comfort. I saw a different person in the mirror the next day. The respect and patience with which you do it is inspiring. This has increased my confidence in myself and others. Can I thank you for this?

    Caroline (session 1) [therapist: Christophe]

    Still recovering from my beautiful moving and mind-blowing experience at the end of last week 😊 . Subtle and intense in some way and also different from the previous times.
    Wonderful to feel such powerful energy flowing from head to toe; Even though my body has been a bit tired the past few days and now and somehow I felt muscles that I didn't know I had 😉. I am back on edge, sensory as well as mentally.
    That this is possible without having to surrender to something outside yourself, but comes entirely from within, I find very beautiful and truly moving.
    I actually feel quite proud that my sweet body responds so tactilely and can surrender under your gentle approach and through your safe holding space.
    This way a little more space was created to be able to embrace myself in all my being and essence.…
    It is not always easy to love yourself 100% in all facets, but with this experience(s) I am making great progress and hopefully I can maintain it 😉
    I have ended up on a path that feels so at home and where I can actually arrive at who I really am and deep inside, in all the softness and intensity of my fiery feminine power.
    Because I'm worth it...

    G. (session 4) [therapist: Christophe]

    Thank you dear Christophe, I was afraid to feel so alone after the massage, but on the contrary, I felt so close to myself, it moved me...

    R. (session 1) [therapist: Christophe]

    I want to thank you again for the massage.
    It really did me good!
    I was a bit nervous but quickly calmed down.
    Really worth experiencing.
    And worth repeating.

    E. (session 1) [therapist: Christophe]

    Thank you for the valuable tantra massage that I received yesterday.
    I have been working on inner work and body work for a number of years to heal certain (conscious and unconscious) traumas.
    Yesterday I felt, as it were, an explosion of deep and old sadness that my body has been unconsciously holding for years.
    Of course it is not a quick fix, but it is a path of beautiful, loving healing, to gain my feminine power step by step. 

    K. (session 1) [therapist: Christophe]

    Thank you again for the wonderful session on Thursday, which I experienced completely differently than the previous times.
    Somewhere between letting go and alert curiosity about what my body does when the energy is moved or something...
    Complementary to breathwork and other things that I practice and pass on myself.
    I feel serene and in my body and feel that I can embrace myself more and more.
    With an open mind for what can and may come.

    Lovingly curious about what life energy still has in store...

    G. (session 3) [therapist: Christophe]

    Christophe is a true professional. He focuses entirely on the language of your body and looks at what you need with attention, patience and respect. I experienced many new sensations and also learned more about my own body.

    J. (session 2) [therapist: Christophe]

    Hi Christophe, first of all I would like to let you know that the massage has brought about all kinds of things... 😅

    That evening and the next day I felt at times as if I had just had a spiral placed, but not as bad. It is difficult to describe and perhaps also difficult for you to understand because you do not know that feeling. But maybe this was because you went to places where people normally don't go or something? I told you the sides felt like pushing on a bruise. That's the physical aspect.

    In terms of feeling, I ended up in different things. I told you I had some anxiety the week before. Very occasionally these have reared their heads. But sometimes alternated with opposite feelings. I was in a bit of a yo-yo at times.

    And now the most positive feeling that has arisen with periods is a feeling of being in love, but not with a person. Just the feeling itself. I know that from a while ago, but I think I lost it a bit.

    Do you know the book 'Think and grow rich'? One chapter is about 'the wonderful transformation of sexual energy' and I immediately thought back to that. In the book, this also stands for the energy of manifesting, etc...

    In any case, I feel better in my body and less in my head. But this can be much better. So I definitely want to come back. I'm curious about more. I would also like to learn to let go in the moment itself and surrender completely...

    V. (session 1) [therapist: Christophe]

    Hello Christophe 👋,

    On 8/12/2022 I came to you for the first time after a long search and doubt.
    What has changed for me since then...
    12 months, 12 points:

    • I found the girl from a very long time ago.
    • I have learned to surrender: to receive touches that I thought I would never be able to tolerate.
    • I was able to talk about events that I didn't even know how painful they were for me all that time, you listened to my words and to my body 🙏.
    • I have blossomed, I now like myself and I know who I am.
    • I have closed doors and opened others with great pleasure.
    • I have learned to live with negative experiences sexually, I can forgive that now. (Ignorance is a bad teacher)
    • I am open to new experiences and view them with an open mind.
    • I can enjoy my feminine power and energy.
    • I managed to reduce my antidepressants and stop taking them completely, with trial and error and other natural support. The veil, the fog that flattened all my feelings is now gone.
    • I have found my hobbies from the past, my creativity is back 👏, I am very happy 😀 about that.
    • I choose more for myself, I embrace my empathy, I am a people person.
    • I am grateful for everything I received from you through the tantra massage.

    Every sentence starts with "I", the entire journey was about me.

    The path to myself was and is not always simple... doubt, uncertainty...

    But: MANY THANKS 🙏
    December 7, 2023.

    L. (session 14) [therapist: Christophe]

    Thanks for the chat yesterday and your confidence in openness.
    That was already there from the beginning, but yesterday it went even deeper.

    I worried a lot yesterday, but meditated some more and let go this morning. See what else happens day by day. Don't try to predict 1001 possible scenarios. And now I feel my body flowing blissfully.

    Just let go and be open. How many times have I heard that in my life! And the will may still be there, but that doesn't mean it will work.

    Already after the first massage I felt more alive. In all naivety I thought that was it. I'm finally here!
    But as you sit more in your body and feel it more, you will notice new blockages.

    And now, now that everything is really open and I can let go completely, I notice what it is to be alive. To be aware of my whole body and the fire that flows in it.

    E. (session 3) [therapist: Christophe]

    Four days later, I continue to live in a kind of disbelief about what happened to me last Thursday.

    What a warm and gentle experience you have given me. I feel relaxed and energetic at the same time. Sometimes the dark winter months are a bit difficult, thanks to you I can cope with it and enjoy the peace in the house, small happiness, myself. Yes, I will continue to take care of myself and plan another visit at some point. Really…. worth repeating.

    Thanks, thanks, thanks

    S. (session 1) [therapist: Christophe]

    I experienced the massage completely differently than the previous times.
    I thoroughly enjoyed it again and I feel 100% comfortable and safe with you.
    I really enjoyed being able to completely sink into my body again.
    My whole body became super sensitive.
    The yoni massage also felt different than the previous times.
    Suddenly some emotions were released, it really came from deep, I didn't know where it came from but it was a letting go of something that apparently could be let go.
    That was a very intense and beautiful moment, it also brought peace afterwards.
    Thank you for creating the safe space in which I can always be who I am!

    Saskia (session 15) [therapist: Christophe]

    Love for my children,
    Love for animals,
    Love for my husband.
    Both receiving and giving.
    Those are the kinds of love I knew. And that was enough, someone like me couldn't expect more, could I?

    And then, with the help of others, you make a click.

    The first click is self-love, which I barely knew existed. And she is more powerful than all the others combined.
    It is not only accepting your body and taking the time every morning to let it wake up gently, but also listening to what it needs.
    Even more difficult is to accept and love your inner self. The good, the bad and the ugly. For me it is also no longer accepting some things about myself and working to become the best version of yourself. The version I want to be, not the version people want to make of me. So also be hard sometimes, in all love. Probably a life's work, but I notice a difference with every step I take. Difference in how I feel,  and how others are gradually feeling. I dare to let go, but am I not exaggerating?

    Love between women: in 2 days 2 women tell me that I shine. I accept the compliment, still with a little hesitation, but what is mind-blowing is that it comes from women. That half of the population that I never clicked with, that could sometimes drink my blood. I can't answer why.
    Have they also changed or are they just reacting positively because I am too?

    Can you be in love with more than one person? I've always believed that you can nip falling in love in the bud for any reason, but I'm increasingly wondering why that has to be done? Because the Church says so? Because you're either branded a monogamist or a nymphomaniac? That there are no in-betweens in my world? But can someone match with someone else in all their facets? Isn't it part of the fun in life that you can be challenged and challenge yourself? And I mean first, but not only, mentally.
    Is really liking, not being happy when the other person is happy? Even if it is with a different way of life? Time will tell how I evolve further in this...

    But now I'm ready to come out of the closet: as a love bug. 🥰

    E. (session 2) [therapist: Christophe]

    I'm feeling good. Something has "opened" in me. There is a physical need for rest and sleep. As if a great tension has been released. I feel much more in flow and softness and there's less frenetic forcing.

    J. (session 1) [therapist: Christophe]

    Hi, just wanted to thank you for yesterday. It was really a very special experience. The pressure I normally feel on my heart and throat chakra has reduced so much. I was proud of myself that I was able to let go so well and for the first time ever I felt safe enough to let energy flow with someone. A very special feeling of connection, but then after the massage the ingrained shame strikes again when you sit opposite each other as strangers... That contrast was so strange and as you noticed, I got nervous and started to chatter. . Clearly a point of work for next time.

    PS: feeling in all limbs is now back 😏

    E. (session 1) [therapist: Christophe]

    A fourth session within a period of less than 4 months.
    Again very exciting but I tried not to have any expectations and this session was again very different from the previous one.

    I almost immediately enter total relaxation, which seems to last a century.
    There is sadness that is released, and therefore tears. But also a surrender and energy that I had never experienced so intensely.
    Afterwards I felt very powerful in and with myself.

    Little by little I feel the healing of this process. I remain grateful and continue to be amazed at the deep trust that Christophe gives you to dare to open up in such a vulnerable way.

    Anne (session 4) [therapist: Christophe]

    After receiving some wonderful massages from Christophe, I started to itch to get started with this myself. I had no experience at all in giving massages, but Christophe managed to explain clearly and patiently something he has been doing for years. I was always free to ask questions, and Christophe also indicated which books were interesting to read on this subject. The workshops were professional, without seeming academic. This also helped me overcome my fear of failure. In the meantime, we are 3 workshops further and I am ready to start it myself!

    Tine (session 1) [therapist: Christophe]

    Wooow, what a difference I feel today. I feel great, lots of energy and everything is sizzling. It's like I'm constantly feeling a flow going from my waist to my heart and up and back. A kind of tickle in my stomach, a blissful feeling. I also feel closer to Brecht, a real constant feeling of love. I have already had a very stressful morning at work where I would normally be stressed, but I can put it into perspective much better and let it be about me... Really great!!!

    Thanks again for that!!! I just wanted to let you know.

    M. (session 2) [therapist: Christophe]

    Thank you again for today's session, it remains a special thing that requires a lot of trust and I can have that with you. I don't feel any judgement, and I am again very happy with today's experience.

    Anne (session 3) [therapist: Christophe]

    After my girlfriend's first visit to Christophe for a tantra massage, she was so amazed and my interest was aroused even more to learn the tricks of tantra. When I heard that he also gives workshops, we immediately decided to do this.
    Together with my partner as a model I followed the workshop in 2 parts, where Christophe explained everything in great detail in a relaxed atmosphere. Now it's up to me to practice this and to delve further into tantra. It was a unique experience, and I can only recommend it to those people who are also thinking about it and still have doubts. Christophe does it with a lot of passion and knowledge, it can only benefit other people in your vicinity.
    In other words highly recommended, keep it up and we will definitely come back for a tantra massage or other workshop!

    F. + J. (session 1) [therapist: Christophe]

    Hi Christophe, a small gift for you for the new working year, and a big step for me:
    If you want you can put a piece of review on your site. My motivation is promo for you, help for those who take their first tantra steps not to fall into the hands of a quack, but above all to help break the taboo surrounding tantra.

    That same night:
    Wow, what was that. Overwhelmed. Feel so light. My mind can't follow.

    Next day:
    Still overwhelmed.
    Glad I found you via google, and dared to follow my gut feeling.
    Our dabbling with YouTube music in the beginning was good for me. It gave me a little bit of a sense of equality.
    And so I had time to feel how things were between us. And that was positive, reassuring.
    After the massage it took me a while to get 'into the world of words' again. I asked if you could say anything more in general, was too shy to ask specific questions. A pity.

    Two weeks later:
    Before the massage, I said that I have been feeling empty for a long time. That's gone, still. Really amazing. I hope it continues for a while.
    How I should proceed is a mystery, but I try not to think about it too much...

    The week after the massage I had a follow-up appointment with the osteopath. She said I noticed that I reacted better for the first time which allowed her to work on a layer deeper, closer to the cause.
    Nice to hear and a nice compliment for you too.

    V. (session 1) [therapist: Christophe]

    Hi Christophe, I just wanted to thank you for the great experience. It exceeded expectations and indeed it was nothing to be nervous about.
    The experience was special and as I reported afterwards I thought it felt very personal.
    I slept like a baby and last night actually didn't wake up in the middle of the night for the 2nd time in a row. So positive!

    M. (session 1) [therapist: Christophe]

    From a great desire to find my feminine sexual energy (and therefore my life energy) again in order to be able to stand strong in myself and life from there, I came to Christophe for a first tantra and yoni massage.
    What a special experience…
    It still amazes me how quickly I was allowed to experience absolute safety to go out of my mind and deep into my feelings.
    Christophe immediately gave me the confidence that is necessary, soon every part of my body was allowed to exist and come to life.
    Being able to receive completely as a woman without any expectation that you also have to give was a completely new and intense experience for me.
    At the moments when my accumulated inner energy flow was ready to explode or discharge (and I was therefore in danger of releasing it or losing it), Christophe could very powerfully and subtly at the same time close the way out and allow the energy to enter my own body again.
    This first session was an overwhelming experience (with both sadness and joy released at the end), and a great gift to myself and the woman in me.
    With the professional guidance of Christophe I started a very valuable journey with, to and within myself, and to deep healing.
    I feel great gratitude!

    Anne (session 1) [therapist: Christophe]

    Hi Christophe,

    The tingling is still going through my body ;-)
    Thank you for making me feel, generating energy and letting it flow!

    The first hour of talking was... in addition to lack of affection bonding, lack of social bonding with my husband...

    I'd like to make a new appointment already!

    I will use my released energy well in the coming days ;-)

    Sabine (session 1) [therapist: Christophe]

    I want to thank you again very much for the wonderful relaxing massage on Friday.

    It has made a big impression on me.

    Afterwards I was completely overwhelmed and even shocked by the repressed sadness you unleashed in me. Couldn't stop that either and somehow that wouldn't have been good for the healing process I think.

    Saturday and yesterday I was still very tired, but today I already feel a lot lighter and more happy inside. I also have more reserve when performing my work. Experience less stress than usual and can put things into perspective better.

    I slept well after the massage!!

    Many greetings and thanks again for your magical hands 😁

    See you soon!

    M. (session 1) [therapist: Christophe]

    The hustle and bustle of daily life, children and renovations committed a serious attack on our general well-being. Low energy and fatigue resulted in less patience and irritability.
    We recognized that it was urgently time to put the brakes on and do something together for ourselves as a couple.
    In our search for new challenges and insights we came across this duo massage. We didn't hesitate for long to go for it and waited curiously but also a bit nervously for the planned date.
    As an introduction to tantra, we opted for a duo massage with Christophe and Saskia because we wanted to experience it together as a couple, but at the same time this brought concern about whether we would be able to let ourselves go sufficiently in the presence of the other ...

    After arriving, we immediately felt at ease in Saskia's comfortable studio. We were given time and a listening ear to get to the story and that way you feel that you are gaining confidence and it is also easier to get into the flow.
    A lot of time is taken for the massage itself. The structure makes it easy to surrender yourself and go with the flow.

    I felt surrender to the movements and that created a lot of energy that you feel everywhere in the body. It was a blissful experience after which I had to sit for a while to recover. The next day I felt energized and although it was a busy day of chores, I didn't worry about things that would previously energize me. My mindset was exactly reset.

    Friday's blissful relaxing massage made a big impression on me.
    Afterwards I was completely overwhelmed and even shocked by the repressed sadness you unleashed in me. Couldn't stop that either and somehow that wouldn't have been good for the healing process I think. I was a bit concerned about it towards B., but luckily he was not inconvenienced by it in his massage.
    Saturday and yesterday I was still very tired, but today I already feel a lot lighter and more happy inside. I also have more reserve when performing my work. Experience less stress than usual and can put things into perspective better.

    Thank you Saskia and Christophe. We will schedule a next session as soon as possible!

    B. en M. (session 1) [therapist: Christophe, Saskia]

    I attended a first session to dispel prejudices and fears about tantra massage.
    I felt loved by the touches and allowed myself this gift to fearlessly explore and release my emotions that I have suppressed for a long time. At one point during the session I subtly felt electricity throughout my body.
    I felt very confident with Christophe, who connected with me in a very respectful and subtle way. I feel like I've let go of a weight I had in my chest and in my head. My mind is more relaxed and now I am more focused on the present moment than on the past or future. I feel like I've freed myself from something that was weighing me down.
    Thanks Christophe!

    B., 32y (session 1) [therapist: Christophe]

    I am writing this because I never want to forget this experience. I'm sharing it here on the site because I only dared to go for it after reading so many positive reactions here.

    The unease of not knowing Christophe, stepping into a room I had never been in and not knowing exactly what would happen, disappeared as soon as I lay down on the mat. Christophe's warm hands put me at ease. I felt his peace. And then the energetic part of the massage started. Because of the variation in movements and because of his breathing I felt sensations that I had never felt before. I felt the energy bubbling up, tingling, flowing, it was indescribable. It felt like I was in a dream. All thoughts stopped, I could only feel. And it felt fantastic. I walked out on clouds. That night I dreamed constantly about the massage, sometimes waking up as the delightful waves of energy were still flowing through my body. A whole new world has opened up for me.

    To sum it up in one word, it was elysian. Thank you, Christophe!

    Anoniem (session 1) [therapist: Christophe]

    Christophe, I just wanted to thank you for this afternoon before going to sleep.
    It was a very intense experience in which I was able to surrender completely.
    Maybe that's what I think is the most special. I haven't felt any embarrassment or discomfort towards you, which I find very strange because I don't know you and still have problems with the way my body looks. Also when experiencing intense pleasure I was able to just let this happen without thinking how this would look like for you. I find this odd, knowing myself. I really like your energy as a person. I felt very safe. Maybe I've met you in a past life and that's why it immediately felt so familiar 😄 My intuition was right. Wondering how I'm going to feel the next few days. Now it's like the session was a dream or something. I haven't fully landed yet but I don't mind. I still enjoy. Every now and then I still have an uncontrollable shiver in my arms and legs. I feel inner peace, all my worries in the background. Blessed.
    I am so happy that I ended up with you, very grateful!

    In the meantime, a lot is still happening in me and with my body. Wow 😄
    I am moved by how you work with full attention, full focus. That is something that unfortunately is often lacking in therapists / care providers. I feel those things very well with my many antennas 😄 This is not just your job that you simply perform. You do this with heart and soul and I really felt that. Very touched and grateful.

    Addition 2:
    In the meantime it has been 2 weeks since I was with you for my first tantra massage.
    I just wanted to let you know how it went further.
    I felt a lot of changes for six days, both physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. After that I became more of my old self (too bad :-)).
    The first days were the most powerful and that gradually decreased.
    I was extremely tired after the massage and for the next 2 days.
    The massage has brought me into a different consciousness. It has opened my heart and I have connected with my soul. I don't want to sound too floaty but that really happened.
    That evening and the following days I felt very close to myself, to my essence, to who I really am without all the conditioning and protection mechanisms. The ego was very still, maybe even gone for a while if that's possible.
    The night after the massage and also the days that followed I had very intense strange dreams. Now I am a dreamer but it was even more alive than usual.
    When I went for a walk the day after the massage, it felt very different than usual. I felt a connection with nature, was moved by the song of a bird. The cold wind felt so pleasant (while I don't find cold wind pleasant otherwise).
    My senses were sharp as well as my intuition.
    For a moment life felt very beautiful, loving and carefree. A feeling that I hardly know.
    I was pulled out of the heaviness for a while and had no depressed, gloomy feelings. A relief.
    Sometimes I think it's just not in me, being able to feel really happy, but it's possible.
    I felt extremely peaceful and also felt self love and softness. Being able to feel that self-love for a moment moved me because I don't get that easily myself. I felt good about myself, felt more self-worth and even had some peace with the difficult situation I'm in.
    It was also very quiet in my head those first days. Peace. No worrying and negative thoughts.
    I also had more connection with my body. Especially with my yoni. I was aware that it was there or something, it had life in it. There were pleasant tingling sensations without touch. She also felt different. In my buttocks I felt pleasant tingling, I call it energy waves.
    I felt a lot more feminine, more sensual, good in my body.
    I was more in my power, felt a lot stronger. I was very excited to do creative things.
    What I also noticed are my breasts that felt different. At first I thought it was just my skin, which had become softer from the oil, but when I felt good again it was really my breasts themselves that felt completely different. They were supple and 'tender', less tense, less hard or something. Really weird to feel. I kept touching them :-). In the meantime they have returned to their normal structure.
    I noticed another physical sensation about 3 days after the massage. I suddenly felt an enormous relaxation in my entire pelvic floor. Especially noticeable when standing or walking.
    Today I can still feel it, albeit a little less strongly.
    The first days after the massage I regularly got flashes of images or feelings from my very young childhood when I could still feel the connection with the universe. Really very special.

    I think this was kind of it. Quite the story :-)
    I still feel a great gratitude towards you that I was able to experience this through you.
    It touched me very deeply.

    I look forward to our next appointment!

    Anoniem (session 1) [therapist: Christophe]

    letter to myself,

    Become who you are.
    We are what we have become.
    If someone has not seen you for a long time, they sometimes say: you are still the same. Outwardly (if we're lucky) we may not have changed much, but inwardly it's something else...
    Throughout our life, our life course, we come into contact with pleasant and less pleasant events and encounters.
    I chose last year to discover who I really am.
    I've already encountered myself seriously and it's not always nice and downright confrontational.
    Taking care of yourself isn't easy, if only it were that simple...
    You question yourself and also your relationships with others.
    Has your partner changed?
    You discover that you have changed.

    After our daughter told us what happened to her during her childhood, nothing is taken for granted, simple. Certainly not for her, but not for us parents either.
    Not for myself as a woman either, sex has always been a problem for me too.
    By getting tantra massage, I also experienced the pleasure of intimate touch.
    In the past I had or got the feeling that I couldn't feel or give pleasure to my partner.
    I now realize how nice it could be if I could communicate with my partner there. Not that I haven't tried that before...

    After the last session I got the feeling that I did hold back a lot of tears, I held them back because I hadn't cried in years.
    And then last night they were there, I was alone and for no reason I started to cry.
    I didn't know why I was crying at first, and there was no relief just deep sadness and heartache and loneliness.
    It was not my grief but the grief of others, I am a sponge and take on a lot of grief from others.
    Hopefully my grief will also come to pass.

    I just wanted to share this.

    L. (session 3) [therapist: Christophe]

    I have been looking for the ideal place to follow a tantra massage workshop. For me it was first and foremost important to end up in an honest and pure place. Someone who puts respect and safety on the top shelf. And then I came across Christophe. How grateful I am to my gut feeling, because this was clearly the right choice. The workshop was a real revelation. Not only because of his professional approach and the way in which he explains everything in great detail, but also because everything is immediately put into practice and that I could immediately apply the explained techniques myself and make them my own. This made it possible to learn quickly and the calm and constructive feedback that Christophe gave, gave my self-confidence a nice boost. Now some time later, I have my own practice space and already several satisfied customers who make me realize again and again how beautiful it is to be able to give from my heart and from full passion.
    Thank you Christophe. Without you this would have been just a dream.

    A. (session 1) [therapist: Christophe]

    No massage, but loving touch with enormous respect for the woman's body.
    When you come to the appointment for the first time you have read  EVERYTHING  that there is to read about it, you have watched videos… even on porn sites, but you will not find what you are looking for there. My search took months before I decided to take the step.
    Then you still have to decide who to turn to… a very interesting quest. You see and read things that are sometimes downright not okay. And then I came across the “tantrayonimassage” site.
    I didn't want a female tantra, and then I came across Christophe. Site visited, read and read again and searched if I found something that was not okay ... but I didn't find anything.
    Am I going to make an appointment now, what am I looking for there, can I do that…?
    Then I made a first appointment ... very uncomfortable to enter the first time.
    You have to tell why you are coming, difficult and yet not because of Christophe's friendly and always correct and respectful attitude.
    I have never doubted at any point whether this is acceptable to me that I was there.
    I can't describe the massage, but I can describe the blissful feeling you get: you feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. Not a single moment do you think it's not okay, you are cherished from head to toe (and everything in between 😉).
    Now I've had my second session, I thought it couldn't be better than the first time...
    After the first session I enjoyed the loving touches for a month. I could get very nice feelings just thinking about it. The aftereffect was enormous.
    I had never had even a fraction of an orgasm in my life. Now I could enjoy my body, blissful.
    Oh yes, also interesting to know that I went monthly to the osteopath or to the physiotherapist or to hypnosis or kinesology. And now, no longer needed.
    I am at peace with myself and with my situation. I can move on and today I had the best experience of my life with the second session. I feel different, better.
    For those who would still have doubts after reading this, don't hesitate just do it.

    Thank you Christophe.✨

    L. (session 2) [therapist: Christophe]

    A year after a difficult breakup, I ended up with Christophe because I just couldn't find myself again and let go of the pain and sadness. Too much given and too much cared for, worn someone else's backpack for years.
    At first it was awkward and difficult to relax, I was focused on everything around me and was completely in my head. Once the massage continued on the front of the body (chest/heart), my head finally stopped for a moment and my heart could speak. With Christophe I found a safe place to collapse as the waves of sadness continued to rise.
    Emotions that I didn't know needed to be processed came to the surface. I discovered that I have not been kind to myself and have gone against my heart for years. That unlike the safe place here, I don't feel safe with myself because I keep letting myself go beyond my limits without respect for my own feelings and needs.
    In the meantime we are already 6 sessions further and every time there are new insights, puzzle pieces fall into place again. No longer crawling back into the victim role, but using the dark parts in myself to find my way to myself. Layer by layer, the sadness that is stuck in my body is released, with moments intense and intense, but so necessary. It gradually brings me to my true self that is so deeply buried, ignored and neglected.
    During the massages I have the feeling that I don't have to answer for anything, that everything can and may be there for a while, that I'm safe. And although I don't feel as safe anywhere as here, the blockades are still there for the time being. Once the emotions become too overwhelming, I shoot away in my old survival mechanism, I can no longer perceive anything, I have completely lost the connection with myself, the feeling of being literally disconnected from my body.
    Despite the road still to be covered, every session I manage to stay close to myself a little longer, to feel, to go to a place within myself where I feel the energy and warmth flowing from head to toe and where there is no inner struggle.

    K. (session 6) [therapist: Christophe]

    I already had an intensely relaxing and healing experience with Christophe twice. He is very present, takes all the time and touches you with gentleness and respect. All this creates a magical combination in which you can sink completely into your body, let go deeply and stay in surrender. In this deep feeling, relaxation and enjoyment, a current is created in your body that heals and nourishes. The effect can be felt for a long time after the session. Highly recommended!

    Katrien (session 2) [therapist: Christophe]

    After my first tantra massage I would like to take a moment to share my experience. I can imagine that just like I experienced it with myself, many people have a similar 'tension' to take the step to this pure massage. But what a wonderful gift I have given myself. Christophe immediately created a safe bubble in which I was allowed to and could be myself. I was given the space to go into complete surrender in all facets without any shame or restraint. It was an oasis of unloading. A few days later, even more has come loose after the magical treatment that I enjoyed so deeply.
    My creativity and my willpower is greater than ever. My femininity has expanded even more. My energy level is at its peak.
    I feel harder than ever what my life's mission is and where my passion lies.
    Grateful for this wonderful gift 🙏🏼

    Anke (session 1) [therapist: Christophe]

    A lot of feelings have come up after the session and there are a lot of feelings and physical complaints that I can hardly place because I didn't feel them before.
    I embrace my feelings and try following them without thinking and searching where they come from or where they used to be.
    Since the massage I have a much more empty head than before and I try not to worry about certain things anymore.
    I open myself completely to what comes my way and try to follow my feeling.
    After a huge fight with my husband, we've been talking very openly for 2 days about how I feel and what's going on inside me. I think also one of the consequences of the massage since I couldn't do this before and never did. This has already shown to my husband in certain areas that the massage does something to me as a person and that it allows me to learn to deal with myself better by getting to know myself, appreciating myself and letting blockages flow away (because I have already shed many tears).
    I can't even put into words what you opened and released for me with the massage. I do notice that the feeling of the blockages on a deeper level are a bit lighter, but that they have not disappeared yet. I now especially follow all the feelings that have been opened up since then and try to hold on to them.

    Big thanks for what the tantra massage has already brought about for me!

    A. (session 1) [therapist: Christophe]

    I had heard of tantra many years ago and had never thought I would do it. But it always intrigued me as I was on a spiritual path yet never thought I would do it. Over the last couple of years I started to look online for a tantric masseur. I had looked in this website for a year or two I can’t remember exactly but certain circumstances in my life recently made me so annoyed that I decided enough was enough and it was time to go and honour and explore. But I had to feel safe as I didn’t want to go through more pain from men. I had never been abused but felt emotionally and financially abused over the years. I was fed up of feeling like a victim and having closed part of myself over the years I really wanted to take my power back. I had looked at the many reviews and something in Christophe just made me feel that it was ok.
    I was not wrong Christophe was extremely respectful, quiet and made me feel at ease.
    My body felt transported to a space of stillness and relaxation and the Yoni massage was an explosion of feelings and emotions I had not felt for a long time.
    The reverence and respect for the female body was just so beautiful I feel that we all could do with learning this as it would make the world a much better place. The week and a half after I felt happy and felt a huge energy explosion. Admittedly I wasn’t sure what to do with it as we are not taught in our society to embrace and channel this energy. I look forward to further exploring this and for my next massage.

    I. (session 1) [therapist: Christophe]

    After almost a year and a half of tantra massages with Christophe, I can still say… you DO NOT get used to this. Every session just feels innovative, me-time of the highest level.

    My heart rate is still rising the moment I get out of my car and ring the bell. Only after the welcome hug do I become more zen. During the massage the feeling of rest builds up, I féél my body lying on the mat.

    My mindset has evolved positively in all that time, both privately and at work. I am now more empathetic with people and I realize that they also carry their own backpack with them. In the past it was mainly a one-way street on my part in terms of communication, while now I have more of a listening ear.

    I am more in balance with myself and I radiate this to others. I would even dare to say that I have started to feel more mature and have entered a new stage in my life.
    Before I discovered tantra, I lived more rationally. Only now I am starting to live with more feeling and I can even enjoy doing nothing, silence or being at peace with myself.

    When the topic of conversation among girlfriends used to be about orgasms, I was never involved because I simply didn't know what it felt like and what it meant.
    So the moment I came for a tantra massage for the first time, I had no connection with my yoni. I didn't find anything attractive about it. But meanwhile I feel like I have a new body part! At the end of the massage my yoni feels like a fireball that radiates energy and heat through the rest of my body.

    So without any doubt I have to reconsider my opinion about my yoni… I find her super attractive, love her more than anything and she makes me feel like a woman all over!

    I. V. (session 27) [therapist: Christophe]

    My interest in the tantra workshop arose by having received it myself. That's how I ended up with Christophe from The possibilities and expectations were discussed beforehand by telephone. The opportunity to have a test subject was very welcome for me.

    The location is very easily accessible from the highway and ample parking options. Because the workshop takes place in an apartment, this gives discretion, which can be important.

    During the intake, the expectations of both parties were clearly formulated.

    The space was neat, hygienic, well-kept, soothing and at a good temperature.

    The content of the workshop was professional with a good balance between theory and practice. Very good feedback from teacher Christophe and test person Saskia. Oil quality and temperature was very pleasant to work with. I am very grateful to Christophe and Saskia for this enriching and instructive tantra workshop.

    R. (session 4) [therapist: Christophe]

    I lie on my stomach. Through the soft towel I feel each body part being touched with light pressure, as if my arms, hands, legs, feet and torso are each welcomed separately. In the same way they say goodbye after two and a half hours, with the ultimate 4 hands on my heart : overwhelming and quite emotional!

    In the meantime, I surrender to what comes next. It seems as if Christophe regards my body as a temple around which there is an air of reverence and respect. The shame about my far from perfect, not so young body melts away with every drop of warm oil on my body.

    It feels so liberating to receive without having to give anything. There are no mutual expectations, nor hidden intentions. I close my eyes to get closer to myself and suddenly there is no sense of time and space anymore. There are only warm, skillful hands, fragrant oil, Christophe's supportive breathing and lightly relaxing music in the background.

    After that, I lay on my back. I feel a tendency not to undergo the massage in a static way, but I shift my arm, my head and sway without resisting. My body reacts out of nowhere with light shocks. I'm letting this happen because it doesn't feel strange at all. The intensity gets higher. My breathing deepens. Christophe's breathing guides me and feels like a safe anchor. I end up in an all-consuming ecstasy. I've never experienced anything like this before. I respond with gluttony to every touch. My body feels like a sponge that absorbs and holds energetic feminine strength, vitality and fire. Christophe spontaneously senses what my body needs and how far it can go. I feel so much gratitude towards him, but also towards my (meanwhile sweet) body that can experience, allow and develop these sensations.

    After a while I experience a blissful calm, a warm glow and tingling. What a treat! What a gift to and from myself! This goes so much deeper than the instant, fleeting gratification in our material world.

    In retrospect I am amazed that, without any experience in body work or spiritual work, I am able to do something like this in a second session. This internal journey offers me pride, peace and a confident, open view to other people. I feel complete, 100% woman!

    Christophe, thank you for the trust, respect, discretion and safety!

    Highly recommended for anyone who wants to (re)discover the hidden power within themselves!

    Anoniem (session 2) [therapist: Christophe]

    Thank you for Friday evening Christophe, I immediately felt at ease.
    It was super relaxing, safe but also very intense and thanks for the good care afterwards.
    I didn't expect what it would do to my body, had serious tremors in my arms and hands after the massage. Was a bit overwhelming.
    And normally I don't cry quickly, but was just about an outburst that I couldn't stop. I seriously needed to come to my senses...
    I slept very well afterwards. Saturday was heavy and tired. Yesterday it was better.
    I did experience a good feeling in my lower abdomen every night.

    Kathleen (session 1) [therapist: Christophe]

    Five weeks after my first session with Christophe, I was already at the door again. In a completely different state of mind this time, super elated and happy that I could finally come again.
    And the first moment, when Christophe welcomed me, I immediately felt at ease again.
    The loving, patient person who sat in front of me gives me peace of mind and he is becoming more and more of a confidant.
    Here I can share things about myself that I would not otherwise share so quickly. Without coercion, very calmly, but it flows out unexpectedly easily. But what's even more special, Christophe listens with love and respect.
    And again, at the start of the massage...just his warm hand through the towel on my back and I immediately felt the sense of security, safety. This time I was also much more relaxed and enjoyed the first second.
    Where in the first session I was a little too focused on breathing calmly, not wandering in my mind... I now let myself go completely, knowing that I would be lovingly cherished. And it has not missed its effect.
    A lot of things are coming loose in the meantime, emotions that I didn't know that still had to be processed, ...
    But above all the energy that I have received and that hopefully will be felt for another two weeks, maybe even longer.
    A new door has opened, a way of healing that I was not aware of.
    I never expected this to have such an effect on me. I usually do a massage sporadically and then there are usually months in between. But again I am already looking for a spot in my agenda to come back as soon as possible.
    Thank you Christophe for taking such good care of me.

    Ann (session 2) [therapist: Christophe]

    In the past I have already been introduced to ayurvedic massage, yoga, meditation, ... The oriental and holistic wisdoms have always fascinated me.
    But the tantra massage was and is completely new to me.

    In recent years I have lost the connection between my body and mind, I no longer felt well and chaos seemed to dominate in my head.
    So let it be clear that I came to the appointment nervous. Not because of the prospect of the massage, but because of the 'state of mind' I have been in for some time.

    And then Christophe welcomes me, with a friendly smile and a very calm demeanor.
    I must have sounded confused during the scouting call, chattering as I told my story.
    But Christophe continued to listen calmly and mainly told me that maybe I should learn to let go, let it come to me. And I did...

    From the very first touch, right through the towel, I could feel the warm, loving and respectful power. So special, so unique!
    Especially if you know that I already had some experience with getting massages.
    This was different and - strangely enough - I immediately felt safety, security, ... gratitude. And I let it happen to me.

    During the whole massage, that security continued to grow, and I discovered that I am not nearly as kind to my body.
    In any case, it has never been so cherished and pampered as it was during this moment.
    It struck me that this had been a huge loss.
    And with letting my body nurture, my mind calmed down a bit.

    Even afterwards Christophe took the time for reflection, but I first had to process all this myself at home.
    The positive feeling, 'the energy', continued to resonate for a long time and very strongly.
    For me it felt like the first seed had been sown again, I'm going back in the right direction, my body and mind have greeted each other again for a long time.

    As Christophe puts it: he is only the accompanist, I have to do the work myself. And so I do.
    I started meditating and yoga again. Instead of getting annoyed by my 'figure', I learn to have respect for my body again and I start loving it again.

    In the meantime, my next session with Christophe is already booked. A session I am very much looking forward to.
    The road is still long, but with Christophe's guidance and with my renewed energy I will get there.
    So thank you Christophe, a thousand thanks.

    Ann (session 1) [therapist: Christophe]

    I got to know Christophe three years ago as a very friendly and calm person, someone you immediately feel at ease with. Someone who makes you feel like the best and gives you the tantra massage as it should be. Loving, warm and with a lot of respect.

    When I decided a while back to delve into tantra massages myself, I immediately thought of him. I wanted so badly to be able to offer people what I experienced during my massages at Christophe. In peace, with the necessary patience, reassuring words and a personal approach, he taught me the tricks of the trade.
    I only have good memories of my training with him, and I'm very happy that I made the choice to drive 100 km in his direction every time to get started together!

    Sylvia (session 3) [therapist: Christophe]

    After a long time of doubt and on the advice of my current and former guidance, I decided, with a scared heart, to contact Christophe. As a result of a negative experience, my head and body are continuously separated from each other, but at the same time very strongly connected, in a continuous conflict with each other. When the mind wheel stops for a moment, my body takes over again, reminding me to stay alert, which means I can rarely calm down.

    Why I would recommend contacting Christophe without hesitation? Christophe offers the necessary peace and confidence. This soon became clear to me when I went through the testimonials on the website, but he also radiates this in real life. There is no rush, no pressure and I think he feels very good which pace everyone can handle. With Christophe I can again allow contact with my body. The feeling of shame towards my body also slowly decreases and at no time do I feel that I am being judged. Although during the first two sessions I was more concerned about the course of the massage and the judgment someone might have about my body, I felt more relaxed afterwards. The third session feels completely different for myself (and my body). The next day I feel very tired, like I ran a marathon without any training, it feels like my body has been broken into a thousand pieces and now it is calming down. Hopefully I can keep up with that feeling for a while.

    Thank you for feeling so well what is going on inside me, as well as the boundaries my body is trying to indicate at the moment. It probably seems exaggerated, but for myself a big step has already been made in that short time. My body may not indicate this, but I never thought that I could ever trust that someone would stand so close to me and that the mind wheel in my head would accept and allow it for a moment. It is precisely at that moment that waves of sadness surface so that I sometimes get the feeling that I can no longer breathe, but I know that I can remain calm and that I will not be judged about it. It seems as if Christophe feels that emotions are coming up at that moment and knows how best to deal with this to ensure that I can keep handling it, so that I also feel safer.

    Julie, 28y (session 3) [therapist: Christophe]

    Due to persistent physical complaints that were inexplicable according to the medical world, I started looking for alternatives to heal myself. I went to a chiropractor who found that my body was blocked internally. Because of this and also a feeling of skin hunger, I got the idea to opt for a massage. A friend said to me “Why not tantra?”, and so the story began…

    Tantra, is that something for me? I hardly dared google the word, let alone undergo such a massage. Nevertheless, I looked it up and the subject intrigued me. I'd like to try this sometime. After further googling I came across Christophe's site. A confidential photo of him made me read on. A nice explanation of what to expect gave me a correct feeling. I called and the appointment was made quickly. If I changed my mind, I could still cancel. The closer the time of the appointment came, the more my curiosity took over my doubts.

    There I was at the agreed time, ready and with a super small heart. Nervous and with the necessary tension in the body. The door opened and there was the familiar face. Christophe gave me a handshake, which immediately made me feel safe. We started talking and his attitude radiated calm which made me feel more and more at ease. He emphasized that I could stop the session at any time if it no longer felt right for me. Well, I was ready...

    The room was warmed up well, and an incense stick provided a pleasant scent. The music touched me, which gave me a relaxed feeling. I lay on the mat and felt the heartbeat in my stomach. The last traces of fear disappeared as I felt the warmth of his hands through the towel. Every touch made me feel like everything was fine and I didn't have to worry. I forgot how insecure I am about my body, I felt in the right place at the right time.

    The massage quickly gave me a sense of security, which was a reflection of the lack of this in my childhood. It felt so good. Step by step I felt my body melt. Unbelievable how a touch on a certain body part brings out a unique feeling. A rollercoaster of emotions goes through me. This is both positive, such as a blissful feeling, and drastic when a released emotion makes you shed a tear. I don't have to account for anything, everything is allowed and possible here. How happy I am, as someone who likes to keep control, that my body has decided to allow and enjoy all this.

    When Christophe whispered "please" at the end of the session, a very grateful feeling overcame me. I had never experienced this before and even exceeded every expectation. My body felt like it was being completely disassembled and put back together. I had no idea what time it was, but one thing was for sure: I'll be back for sure. This turned out to happen faster than planned, because that same week I was back for a second session.

    The days after a massage I can still feel the boost of life energy. I try to hold on to this powerful energy flow that I have experienced as best as possible and to use it in daily life.

    Yes, tantra is definitely something for me… Paradise is not a place, just a feeling!

    I. V. from Kortrijk (session 4) [therapist: Christophe]

    I was already familiar with energetic massage before.
    In my search for massages online I discovered tantra massage.
    Thought that wasn't for me and always thought it had sexual intentions.
    But by reading the site and especially the testimonials, I had to change my mind. And I also became curious. Since just this year I felt that the whole hassle of negative childhood and relationship experiences could be addressed and the opportunity presented itself.
    I don't understand yet that I dared but I just went for it.

    I thought it was quite scary to say things in advance in the conversation that I had never told anyone before. And I already felt grief coming up then.
    I swallowed that but from the beginning of the massage the tears came out.
    I was reassured by the peace and security Christophe provided.
    And it was just that lovingly being touched in respect and safety that took out all the sadness.
    Somewhere I was catapulted back to my childhood, the years of lack of touch and contact came up and still are coming out.
    Until now it feels like an inner child healing especially to me.
    A bath of loving nurturing.
    Just feeling present and feeling what that does to me.
    I experience it as a cocoon of loving enclosure in which I can take shelter for a while, be with everything there is.

    It helps me enormously to sink back into my body and to get a stronger connection with myself.

    I noticed that in the following weeks I ended up in situations that triggered that lack of touch again. I saw a father holding his daughter on his lap.
    I noticed more and still how people connect with each other.
    I finally threw out my cot in which I still slept and found exactly the large bed that I have been looking for for a long time.

    In short, the massage keeps on working through afterwards.
    Worth repeating.

    A.V. (session 2) [therapist: Christophe]

    Thank you Christophe, your massages touch me again and again, during the massages I feel carried, safe and secure, as it were, I am taken care of and I allow it, I embrace it completely ❤

    Thank you for putting me back in touch with my femininity. With the massages you show me the way and you let me feel that it is just in me. I had only hidden it so deep that I couldn't touch it myself ... My pelvis and yoni are awakening, everything is becoming more and more sensitive, more and more, also during sex ... I keep hanging in that orgasmic state longer. Yesterday was just overwhelming, I felt the vibrations going through my whole body and I was really moved by it, so beautiful ... I had given myself permission to be and feel completely! Thank you for bringing me closer to myself every time 🙏

    Saskia, 42y from Kortrijk (session 12) [therapist: Christophe]

    Thank you again for a fantastic treatment, your love and dedication!
    It feels very liberating and right!
    Thank you for giving me this feeling again !!!!
    Certainly until later.

    Tania (session 2) [therapist: Christophe]

    After coming into contact with energetic massages, I fell under the spell of the videos that I could find about it. My curiosity was great, but the fear of ending up with someone who was not professional did play tricks on me... After a lot of research online, my feeling and reason said that it was safe with Christophe. I made up my mind that if anything didn't feel right, I would get up and leave.

    I drove up to him with mixed feelings, but when I entered I immediately felt at ease. Christophe answered all my questions and created the necessary security.

    Unbelievable what such a massage can bring about! Never thought that my body would react like that and I would feel that energy through my body. Never thought that pains from the past would surface and those blockages would be treated so lovingly. Christophe remained very professional throughout the massage and afterwards. At no point have I not felt safe. Thank you for the safety Christophe, thank you for making me feel that I can be who I am, thank you for the healing, thank you for the blissful experience.

    In the meantime, I have received the tantrayoni massage twice and I am really looking forward to seeing what it will bring after several sessions.

    If you are in doubt and you read through these reviews one by one (as I have done) I can really say with confidence: just go for it, a fantastic experience awaits you.

    S. (session 2) [therapist: Christophe]

    Thank you for the soothing massage yesterday.

    After the massage yesterday I felt completely balanced, lazy, carefree. Even today I feel different, the turmoil is gone. I hope I can hold this feeling. It was not my 1st experience with tantra. Your massage was professional, the essence of what I believe tantra is. I would recommend your massage to anyone who is open to it. Glad I came to you. It was well worth the drive and I'll definitely be back.

    Ann (session 1) [therapist: Christophe]

    I did the tantra yoni massage for the first time. I was quite surprised how the massage works but I certainly enjoyed it, and certainly to repeat and try to relax more for an even better result.
    Thank you!

    Renia (session 1) [therapist: Christophe]

    It feels like you gave me a lot of energy. I felt like sometimes I was floating above me while with you.
    In addition to the structure that you will find in the massage, you are also clearly guided by your intuition and feeling to specifically meet my real needs.

    In any case, continue as you are doing, because I received a delicious and beautiful gift.

    Virginie (session 1) [therapist: Christophe]

    Thank you very much for another nice tantra experience this afternoon. It felt so safe again, nice and right!
    You feel perfectly what someone needs. Blessed to have been out of the world again, mind zero and completely in the feeling! 😊
    I wish you a nice summer.
    Until next time!

    Sylvia 🤗

    Sylvia, 42y from Gooik (session 4) [therapist: Christophe]

    My first tantra experience with Christophe in one word? Bliss-ful! Blissfully coming home to my body.
    After weeks of 0.0 touches during the corona crisis, the skin hunger was high. I felt that I needed more than a “normal” relaxation massage. I had previously experienced tantra massage so I went looking for it. Despite the experience I had, it was still exciting because it is still a bit of opening yourself up to someone you don't know. Would I be able to let go and just enjoy without expecting anything from me?
    No worries at all were needed. Christophe's warm personality and soft voice quickly made me feel at ease. The massage was built up in such a calm and smooth way that I felt safe at all times. Every inch of my body was touched lovingly and respectfully. I enjoyed the first to the last minute. Letting go completely turned out to still be a "working point" but it had been a long time since I felt so relaxed. Thank you for this!

    C. (session 1) [therapist: Christophe]

    I slept wonderfully and I still enjoy a beautiful powerful life energy.
    How happy and grateful I was to experience this and finally understand why I was so drawn to it.
    Very happy that I had this first experience with you, you gave me what I needed and you felt me so well!
    Through your approach full of love and respect, you immediately gave me a feeling of confidence so that I could safely surrender.
    It is a wonderful gift that you give me and many other people, a path that also inspires me to keep following!

    Tania (session 1) [therapist: Christophe]

    In the first instance my intention was to do this once, one time a massage with you to work on my self-confidence has eventually become a true journey of discovery to my true self!
    After the first massage I immediately told you that this was the 1st x but certainly not the last ...
    In the meantime I have been with you 10 times and each time I discover more, I become stronger, more confident, freer and happier with myself
    With that 1st massage you have awakened a fire deep within me and that fire radiates more and more and deeper and deeper through me.
    It's a fire I never want to lose again!
    The energy I feel when I am with you is indescribable, you let me grow at my own pace, let go, become stronger, you bring me to my true self, which I had forgotten, which I had buried so deeply, had neglected ...
    Never thought that I could and dare show myself so quickly, so completely vulnerable and completely naked in my whole being, both physically and mentally, to someone I did not know, a man then still
    But you are just the person I had to meet in my life at the time!
    It was just right, you help me to see myself, even without words you make me feel what it's all about ...
    Everything starts with you, you just have to find the courage to go deep inside and I do it thanks to you
    I've told you a lot and I'm going to keep saying it, I'm so thankful for who you are and what you do, you're a true gift in my life, so glad I let you into my bubble.

    Saskia, 42y from Kortrijk (session 10) [therapist: Christophe]

    I didn't know what to expect after my first massage. This is already from January 11th ago.
    From the first night I recovered my night's sleep, which had been a disaster for months. I did not immediately want to write a review because I thought that it was impossible that I found my night's sleep after 1 massage. But now we are almost 3 months later and I still sleep like a baby.
    After this turbulent corona period I will definitely make an appointment for a second session. Highly recommended.

    Marica, 52y from Harelbeke (session 1) [therapist: Christophe]

    Christophe's massage was superb! Since he works very intuitively and energetically, I have experienced this as very healing.

    Deep old emotions that were in me could be released during the massage. The safety that I have experienced to be myself in all vulnerability with a man has been very healing. Not only do I feel lighter physically after 2 sessions, but also a lot has been transformed emotionally. I would recommend it to any woman who is somehow tangled with her femininity or is experiencing issues around relationships.

    Lesly, 40y from Kuurne (session 2) [therapist: Christophe]

    I have been married for 23 years and have been divorced for 10 years.
    My daughter started living alone a few months ago and although I think that is really positive, I started to think more about myself... I felt completely free again... and yet again not.
    I thought the time was right to look for a new partner and registered with some dating sites.
    There you fill in a questionnaire and you get a sort of analysis about yourself. I thought it was right about most things, but I was very surprised about one thing. I thought of myself that I was very independent and could safely go without a man in my life, but according to those results I was, more than the average woman, looking for a kind of emotional security.
    I know you have to take those things with a pinch of salt, but I started to think about it unknowingly.

    My divorce was a hard one, it took me a few years to get back on top of it, but it also gave me the opportunity to find myself and build my own world with my own friends.
    During my marriage I never found emotional support. There was no sense of solidarity between me and my husband, and although I put a lot of energy and effort into it, I always felt alone in that area. For me that was a huge loss, but you learn to cope with it and somewhere I stopped investing time in it and I gave all the love to my children. He was demanding and very critical of me and the way I behaved between the sheets. He was able to make very nasty comments about it and that made me feel very insecure and completely closed. I can still feel the coldness between us.
    I think I now realize how unhappy my marriage was. I was married to someone who will never be able to love.

    When I read that article from one of your customers in the Libelle, I felt so many similarities with that young woman that I thought it might also be a solution for me.
    Just like her, I couldn't tell my friends that either.
    But then of course you still have to cross the threshold and completely expose yourself to someone you don't know and who, in my case, could be my son ...
    Yet I am very happy that I did it. You have to see it as a kind of healing with a professional approach. You really know very well what you are doing, you can't do that if you don't have the right dedication for it and you certainly have that.
    Everything happens very serenely and with such respect. Once you are on the mat and you feel the soft touch and the warm almond oil, you are taken into a kind of intoxication.
    It's like a journey in your own emotions. It is really a very intense experience that you feel with your whole body. Still I find it difficult to give up control completely, I would like it in my head, but my body cannot exactly follow completely.
    Everything can be released and touched and you don't have to do anything in return.
    Just being able to think about yourself, feeling safe and enjoying the moment.
    I didn't think I could ever do that again, but with this gentle approach I know it is going in the right direction. I want to be able to feel completely "woman" again, without feeling ashamed.

    Leen, 57y from Ieper (session 2) [therapist: Christophe]

    In my search for learning to let go, relaxation of body and mind and learning to deal lovingly with my own body, I ended up at Christophe's practice. Today I had my very first experience with Tantra massage. I had some idea what to expect, but my expectations were definitely exceeded. I felt comfortable, safe and touched with softness and respect. Christophe clearly has a deep knowledge of the body and how to approach her. He has background knowledge in different massage techniques, so that he combines various elements in his Tantra approach. I can recommend it to anyone looking for release, self-acceptance, gentleness and sensory pleasure. Thanks Christophe, I will definitely be back for the next session!

    Elisabeth, 34y from Brugge (session 1) [therapist: Christophe]

    Now that I am lying comfortably at home here, I still want to take the time to send you a message...
    It was a great experience for me again today... as an emotional stressed person coming in and soon finding peace with you! I feel blessed to be able to temporarily eliminate all worries and thoughts here and during the massage I quickly felt the warmth, security and love that everyone needs so much. And I really want to continue to tackle the pain points that were now there! Thanks also for the nice chat and hug afterwards!
    Feel really at ease with you!
    So I will definitely come back 😉

    Sylvia, 42y from Gooik (session 2) [therapist: Christophe]

    A few months ago I decided to give my life a new twist with more self-care and confidence... It became a search for what my needs were and which direction I wanted to give my life. The tantra massage that I received from Christophe was therefore a perfect addition to that quest... I who find it so difficult to let go, to find peace, not to take the lead, not to give. The assignment was clear: learn to receive and I succeeded without too many problems thanks to Christophe who is a fantastic companion with magical hands...

    Kristine, 45y from Sint-Pieters-Leeuw (session 1) [therapist: Christophe]

    Never thought that I would ever dare to take the step to tantra. But what a wonderful experience this was! The session has done me so much good! Since then I feel much stronger, I have more confidence, I feel better! Really crazy what one massage can do to a person.
    Thank you Christophe for making me feel comfortable with you from the first moment! It was a first tantra experience but certainly not the last!

    Sylvia, 41y from Gooik (session 1) [therapist: Christophe]

    It's hard to find words to describe what the session meant to me.
    Yoni massage (and by extension the entire massage) was more than ever before coming home to myself, connecting with heart and soul and you being so loving. Moved to tears and touched by it (and especially by the latter). Very nice ending with our hands too, this was very unexpected but felt completely right. It's hard to understand that this is 'real', that I have been able to experience and receive this. That this was possible at all. That I'm worth it.

    Evelien, 35y from Gent (session 20) [therapist: Christophe]

    I am fascinated by energy and what it can cause. I am currently exploring through different forms. 1 of them is this first tantra experience. I think connection with the person taking care of the supervision is important. I went with the attitude that if I don't feel good about the person I can always say no. Partly because of that I had little stress.

    Christophe's friendly and calm welcome also made stress less likely. For me there was a pleasant scent that invited me to relax. However, that is perhaps subjective for everyone. The background music helped me to exclude other sounds so that I could focus on my own growth. For me personally the massage was well structured, you can feel that Christophe knows what he is doing. Which made my body feel safe to work on itself. It is a gift for the body to be able to work on blockages in this way. Afterwards I felt the effects of how deeply it works. Apparently my muscles retained many emotions and tensions.

    For a first experience with tantra I thought it was successful. And who knows, maybe someday I can guide people myself in this way.

    Bieke, 22y from Wervik (session 1) [therapist: Christophe]

    I blindly approached you a year ago, not knowing what to expect!
    After the first treatment a primal force was released which made me stronger, I was somehow awakened ...
    During the treatments afterwards, layer by layer was removed, it was a fierce, intense road to cover, not always easy towards emotions, but definitely worth it!
    The trick was to admit everything and let it go piece by piece!

    And then yesterday ...
    Wow, how intense this was, it came in deep, almost with no words to describe what went through me, it was so powerful, emotional, really intense ....
    Today I feel lighter, relieved too.
    Every touch, every delight was pure relaxation and enjoyment ...
    Then our hands held together at the end, wow that was powerful, this really affected me!
    Very nice....
    The yoni massage was again very special, you know exactly where you can put pressure and where it is necessary to pay attention.
    What goes through my body I cannot describe ...
    Very intense and healing!

    Even after a year I am still blown away by what an energetic massage can bring about!
    This will probably feel different for each person, but it works so well for me, this is exactly what I needed to let go and feel freer and freer ...
    We have already released a lot of rocks (dare I say so) from my backpack and it feels really good ...
    Big thanks to come along this road with me 🙏🔝❤

    Saskia, 42y from Kortrijk (session 8) [therapist: Christophe]

    I would like to thank you for the pleasant experience. You radiate a natural tranquility and keep all respect for the person you are going to massage. I came here to relax a bit, massage and let go of those thoughts. To briefly describe my experience: pleasant reception, pleasant conversation, pleasant massage with pleasant warm hands and a nice warm massage oil. In short, a must! ... I felt reborn and had a bit of an "enlightened" feeling afterwards. I slept well at night and afterwards felt ready to go at it again. Of the few things I do for myself, this is definitely a winner!

    Sté, 29y from Kortrijk (session 1) [therapist: Christophe]

    After doubting for a while, I took the decision to undergo an energetic massage. The stress in advance wasn't necessary at all. Christophe has soft hands and a very soft voice. I felt charged when stepping outside.
    The 2 hours have flown by.
    I will definitely go back. Maybe for a yoni massage too this time. Thank you Christophe

    D., 43y from Poperinge (session 1) [therapist: Christophe]

    This morning I was rested and fully energized. Something that does not happen often so I am positive.

    It was a big step for me to opt for this massage, but my curiosity prevailed. I think that I was still too much in my head during the massage and that I was too aware of the environment and what was happening, but in summary I am pleasantly surprised and relieved. It feels like a bit of shame has disappeared.

    E., 29y from Roeselare (session 1) [therapist: Christophe]

    My first Tantra experience.
    For me I did it to de-stress ... to release all the pressure from my shoulders...

    Not knowing what I could really expect, I went inside.
    You could not call me relaxed, because I heard my heart pounding in my throat when I lay naked on my stomach.
    You wonder what you are doing, is this something for me? What do I want to achieve with this? Can I really get relaxed from this? Thousands of questions go through your mind...
    Because admit it; you expose yourself to someone you don't know at all. For that you really have to turn your knob. You don't need to have any shame, because we are all the same, but you know that you are there alone. You naked, not the other... How will your body react? But when I felt the warm hands resting on my body over the towel, when everything started, they created a strange sensation. Rest or something... with at the same time a healthy tension/expectation.
    ... The warm oil that you feel dripping onto your body... in combination with those flat caresses, those hands that knead you from your neck to the ball of your foot make you a little lazy, and the more caresses, the more relaxed I became.
    Then the whisper if you want to turn around...
    I know for sure that the front of my body can react much sharper than the back. The persistent caressing, tapping, and touching or almost touching of certain pressure points caused a very strange sensation at a certain moment.
    I got an orgasmic feeling without being touched intimately. Exactly as if you get an orgasm, but again not really. You don't know why that is or how you can deal with it exactly, so you just let it come over you until you have recovered.
    The caresses that followed moved closer and closer to my lips and yoni. Even when I was on my stomach, I was wet, but your yoni is opening more and more. You just want to experience even more sensation and I just wanted to be touched in and around my opening. Front, back, deeper, to my cervix, the pressure, the caresses around your clitoris... it felt really wonderful. The 2.5 hours have flown by too quickly and unfortunately I have not really experienced that orgasmic feeling anymore. After that first sensation I was perhaps a little too aware of my surroundings, I suspect... but there was already much more peace present than before.

    What afterwards continued to sizzle all day long was the sense of discharge. All day long I felt my inner throbbing, exactly as if my yoni was full of thousands of nerves that wanted to be touched and did not want to rest before this was heard.
    So my husband became my 'victim' and believe it or not, I got a huge orgasm by doing something that I don't normally do. When I was sitting on top of my husband, unlike what I always do (squeezing my pelvic floor muscles), I left my inside completely "open". Because of the build-up pressure that kept on giving me that tingling all day long, I was completely swollen. A very grateful long orgasm followed soon after. The nice thing is that now, 2 days later, I still have that feeling. The tantra and yoni massage is definitely worth repeating!

    J., 39y from Tielt (session 1) [therapist: Christophe]

    After an introductory meeting, the intention seemed to be set to "find mental peace" and to "let go."
    The massage was built up very gradually. Christophe felt very well what my body needed. Even with light contact, things were already set in motion. My breathing evolved from subdued to deep. The feeling of relaxation and the vibrations grew from subtle to ecstatic.
    Just blissful ...

    Now, 2 days later I still feel it in my body. In my head there is still (perhaps even more) unrest, but I notice that I dare to take steps to make decisions.
    Wondering what is coming ...


    Eva, 36y from Gent (session 1) [therapist: Christophe]

    A second session today... 🙏
    After the first experience I already had a calmer feeling. I also look at things differently... It's like I have found an inner strength.
    I have thrown all prescribed medicines overboard. I have the impression that these sessions have helped me a lot more.
    I keep getting closer to the person I want to be and I continue to build...
    Thank you so much Christophe!

    Greet, 41y from Aalst (session 2) [therapist: Christophe]

    Time and time again you bring me to that magical place deep within me, where I am allowed to let go, enjoy and feel pure!
    Nowhere else can I go so deep, you are great at what you do! For me the best therapy that exists for both body and mind!

    Saskia, 41y from Kortrijk (session 7) [therapist: Christophe]

    Wow, what was that ... 😜 After years of tension and no inner peace, I went looking for the tantra yoni massage in Kortrijk. I ring the doorbell and a super warm man opens the door. I intend to surrender because nothing helped so far. I was ready to receive ...
    During the session you feel sensations in your body that will probably be different for everyone but they are really there! But the fact is, you end up in a state of deep tranquility, so you are not afraid to enjoy yourself. So respectful, all over the body ...
    Day after you still feel that peace because I slept like a baby ...
    Worth repeating!! Would like to experience this again .. 😊

    Greet, 41y from Aalst (session 1) [therapist: Christophe]

    The tantra massage I received from Christophe was very pleasant. I felt a lot of peace and deep relaxation and although it was the first time I felt very safe.
    It did loosen up quite some things and I can still feel the effect, I'm even deeper in contact with my feelings now. I would like to come back for several sessions.

    Lianne, 50y from Terneuzen (session 1) [therapist: Christophe]

    Thanks again for the intense experience yesterday. I intended to fully surrender and let go of everything and I succeeded quite well. I feel very comfortable with you. Above all, stay who you are! So happy that I let you into my space.
    It's so nice to let myself float with everything you do with me. I have been able to relax from the 1st minute, the warmth of your hands feels so good, I can hardly help but relax immediately. I soon felt the energy being released. The combination of the energy that flows freely and the touches of the massage are heavenly, every touch just becomes more intense, more sensitive. Just blissfully how every part of my body becomes ultra sensitive ... Also the combination of massaging my arms / hands and what you did to let the energy flow at the same time was so intense. That gave a very nice feeling.
    I also like that you do not put a "habit" in it, because of the fact you rely on your feelings it is always different and it remains surprising and fun because I never really know what comes next.
    Yes I think it is really great to surrender to you and then just feel pure and experience what you do with me and what you get rid of. I keep enjoying it, the feeling I get from it, the relaxation...
    It was a fierce & intense treatment, I was so drawn into it, really needed time to come back to civilization. I still feel it today, every now and then a feeling passes through me, so that I am immediately alert again and think of where it is still in me. I'm super tired today, I really feel that I went deep yesterday.
    It was a very nice experience again! Thank you for that!

    Saskia, 41y from Kortijk (session 6) [therapist: Christophe]

    Christophe distinguishes himself mainly because he works with energy during his massage. He intuitively feels and gives attention where necessary. It is rare that you still get such a personal massage. The depth of the relaxation and how I feel afterwards makes me definitely go back for a follow-up appointment!

    P., 37y from Waregem (session 1) [therapist: Christophe]

    I would like to give a word of thanks and appreciation to you as a therapist, Christophe. Thank you for your dedication and time. You radiated a lot of confidence from the beginning and I quickly felt at ease.
    Low back pains and pain in my pelvis have been troubling me for several years. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia years ago, but I could never accept the advice of the doctors to learn to live with the pains in my body. I keep looking for ways to relieve that pain.
    Glad I was able to experience today that a tantra and yoni massage (in addition to meditation) is the best medication. It was a very special and intense experience. There was a deep sense of relaxation and peace and the pains in my back muscles and pelvis disappeared completely.
    I hope to remain pain-free for a while and look forward to another appointment.

    I., 47y from Oosterzele (session 1) [therapist: Christophe]

    A coach advised me to undergo a tantra massage. She thinks it is recommended because it would loosen and address my sexual desires. Even though I am sexual towards others and I see sex as sex and nothing more. My goal: to satisfy others, but now it was different. The attention went to my body. Due to the respectful way of working, it was a clear limit for me that this time it was all about myself. The massage builds up gradually and that increases confidence a lot.
    I was very calm after the treatment. A calmness that is difficult for me to find otherwise.
    Thank you for that!

    V., 36y from Kortrijk (session 1) [therapist: Christophe]

    I am a 41 year old lady who suffers from the terrible diseases CFS and Fibromyalgia for 6 years now.
    I had heard and researched around Tantra massage.
    A spiritual massage for mind and body. That's how I ended up at Christophe.
    Yesterday evening I received my first real tantra massage.
    After a friendly welcome and a word of explanation, the massage started. I focused on the soft music and the massage. Little by little I felt every muscle and every joint relax. I enjoyed every second, every touch both physically and mentally.
    After my whole body was treated, I felt no pain at all anymore, a feeling I had not experienced for years. But it wasn't over yet.
    Then I felt a very intimate thing without any further touch. I had never experienced that before. An orgasm that I felt to the depths of my body. So intense. I was a little ashamed. But Christophe remained very professional and told me that it was indeed very intense, but that it was also normal. That something like that can happen.
    Once I got home I was still relaxed and pain free. I went to sleep and slept around the clock.
    Today my whole body and mind still feel that peace. I still don't have pain, I just canceled all my plans today to enjoy this peace to the fullest.
    Being pain-free, even if it is just that, I want to enjoy it.
    It is highly recommended.
    I'm definitely going back.
    Thank you for taking my pain away.

    Sylvie De Thandt, 41y from Avelgem (session 1) [therapist: Christophe]

    First of all, thank you very much for your very respectful way of working.
    I could not imagine at all how I would feel about it, but apart from the first 5 minutes perhaps I was never stressed. Although I am very embarrassed about my body (not that I suffer from it in daily life, but to show myself naked), I seemed to be able to let it go. Not the first moment but the feeling of unease didn't last long at all.
    It is a shame that my body feels more tension than I might experience in my head. I cannot say that I have experienced total relaxation in my head but still much more than I am used to with treatments.
    During the treatment I felt a kind of feeling come up in which I thought that I would also completely relax physically but this did not happen, as if I could not allow myself to do so. I have been stuck in this feeling for a long time. Actually, until I finally slept. I had a fairly good night because I slept a little more than three hours in a row and that doesn't happen that often.
    I certainly think it is a very positive experience and I would definitely like to try this a few times to hopefully in the end be able to fully relax. According to the osteopath, this could greatly reduce my daily stress.

    K., 47y from Bissegem (session 1) [therapist: Christophe]

    I went to Christophe for the 4th time. I was so looking forward to being carried back into the magical world of tantra with Christophe and I was spoiled again from head to toe, every cm is touched, it feels heavenly. I wouldn't do it with anyone else but Christophe. The relationship of trust has grown so much in a few months time, simply wonderful.
    It's so nice to see myself grow and bloom openly, I get to know myself again.
    Little by little I learn to let go.
    I am / was someone who does not like to give away control but with Christophe I do it without hesitation!
    This time it was also a fantastic journey to the depths of myself.
    I enjoyed it from the 1st to the last minute! I find the peace in my head more and more. After the treatment I needed some time to recover, my head was empty, I had to get used to it, I can't remember the time that it was quiet again in my head ... The chaos is cleared up and it feels great.
    Christophe is a warm, pure and honest man I trust blindly! I am eternally grateful to him for what he has already done with and for me.
    The journey with Christophe through the entire tantra happening is only getting more and more interesting.
    I can just be myself with him, for a moment I am not a woman of, not a mum of, I am just me.
    These are really my me-time moments and I honestly can't imagine ever stopping this!

    Saskia, 41y from Kortrijk (session 4) [therapist: Christophe]

    The tantra healing that I received from Christophe has been a very special experience. The treatment was done in an intimate and respectful way and was very intense. It was so special because Christophe works very intuitively and feels perfectly how and when he can bring the energy flow to a higher level.
    The result is a very healing experience that ensures that my energy can fully flow into my body again, even weeks after the treatment. Thank you!

    Regine, 51y from Waregem (session 1) [therapist: Christophe]

    Last week I got a massage from Christophe. I did not know what to expect. The warm welcome by Christophe immediately put me at ease. Christophe exuded calm and integrity at the first chat. When I lay on the massage mat, I was uneasy at first. As soon as I felt the warmth of Christophe's hands, I came to rest. I immediately felt that it was good. His calm, respectful and professional approach brought me to myself.
    Even when he did not touch me, I felt how energy moved in my body. The small touches caused intense waves.
    The whole massage felt like a warm, loving bath, for both mind and body.
    Immediately after the massage I felt energetic. I had a deep, blissful sleep the two following nights. I feel that I received a real health treatment. The massage still reverberates. To be repeated! I am already looking forward to a next massage.
    Thanks, Christophe!

    Kathelijn, 47y from Deerlijk (session 1) [therapist: Christophe]

    I chose this form of therapy because I did not find words for what had been going on inside me for quite some time. Negative events of recent years were inscribed in my body and prevented me from living fully.
    With a dose of suspicion I enter the practice but thanks to the respectful attitude of Christophe, a safe context of the massage quickly emerges.
    After the first session I start feeling a connection again with my body. The grief that got stuck in my body is gradually coming loose, even in the days and weeks after the massage, which is really intense at times.
    Session after session, deeper layers of my pain are addressed. By allowing this and releasing control over it, the healing process can take place. At the same time, after each massage, I feel more and more at home in my own body, like a slow awakening.
    Christophe's gentle touch eventually takes me to my deepest self, to the point where everything seems to coincide and there is perfect harmony. In my totality I feel unconditionally accepted and supported, an almost spiritual experience.
    The mastery of Christophe is in sensing in the finest way what my body and soul need to walk my own beautiful path, his patience to do this at my pace and always with an incredible loving devotion.

    Looking back on my therapeutic process, I can say that it was not a 'quick fix' solution or a 'walk in the park'. At times it turned out to be a tough confrontation with my pains, sadness and anger and I had to go deep to face it. This was only possible thanks to Christophe's continued supportive involvement, also between sessions. However, I could not have wished for a better result: I can give and receive trust again.

    Evelien, 35y from Gent (session 10) [therapist: Christophe]

    On my way to Kortrijk, I ask myself in the car: "How did I end up here again and why did I agree?" I ring the doorbell shyly and I am greeted by Christophe with his disarming smile. I estimate him younger than myself and during the exploratory conversation the first nerves are ebbing away ... I am getting quiet. I'm here now anyway ... let's just try and see what happens I'm thinking to myself. If it's nothing for me then I can stop at any time, right?

    A little later I lie on my stomach under a big towel and my back and shoulders are being massaged. I close my eyes and surrender ... The massage is slowly built up arms, hands, legs, calves, ... nothing is skipped. It is intense, sensual and when Christophe does not touch me, I sizzle all over my body. Sensual, sexual, ... the boundaries seem to be blurred. Pfieuw ... I am confused, but enjoy! It is mainly the suggestion, the pressure just above my 'yoni', ... Slowly I return to the here and now.

    We talk for a moment. I return home with a happy feeling. It is difficult to describe. In one way or another, Christophe exudes calmness and takes you on a journey to your own body and afterwards you feel reborn. An absolute must!

    S., 39y from Roeselare (session 1) [therapist: Christophe]

    The 3rd treatment feels like a combination of the first 2 treatments.
    But foremost with the feeling of energy, I feel blessed now, of course it remains to be seen what the coming days bring.
    Meanwhile, I also know that it can be a real roller coaster of emotions.
    I was now more relaxed from the beginning, I know that I am in very good hands!
    I do not know how to say it but I feel like I am one with you or with your energy. I can not put it in the right words ...
    (while the previous times there was still a lot of haunting through my head and I was still very aware of you in the neighborhood at times) The whole treatment brings me to total relaxation and surrender this time ...
    The tantra massage was intense but the yoni massage brings everything still to a higher and deeper intensity in feelings through my body. The after-effect of all sensations feels blissful!
    I feel totally relaxed and great in my own body ...

    Saskia, 41y from Kortrijk (session 3) [therapist: Christophe]

    Some years ago already, somebody had advised me to try this kind of massage. I became curious, took the step and planned a date with an open attitude.
    At first it felt awkward for a little while, but that quickly passed when I felt how respectful, patient and gentle my body was being treated.
    In a framework where respect and safety come first, I got the feeling to be able to let go step by step, experience freedom and also discover my strength. I encountered a lot of feelings during the massage: happiness, peace, sadness, emotion, softness, .... It is something overwhelming. There are all sorts of sensations still going on in my body ... I already feel a lot safer in my own body. I hope that I can still grow in this and that I can experience it more often!

    Vrouw, 32y from Kortrijk (session 1) [therapist: Christophe]

    I have experienced this massage as very relaxing. From the start I was completely at ease, partly because of Christophe's calm approach and warm attitude.
    The sensations I experienced during the massage were very diverse. From complete relaxation, to shivers all over my body, cold / warm currents ....
    I slept very well that night... I felt as if I had stepped out "lighter" in one way or another.
    Worth repeating!

    E., 44y from Antwerpen (session 1) [therapist: Christophe]

    For the 2nd time I went to Christophe's place, this massage goes so deep, is so intense and pure, indescribable really. I have experienced this massage much more consciously this time making it even more magical! Again my whole body reacts while Christophe isn't touching me, I just feel everything happening in my body, and I can not stop it or explain it... My arms are trembling, I feel tingling in my legs, and my lower abdomen is contracting. It's pretty intense, but I fully rely on Christophe, he can always bring me to the depths of myself and it feels blissful! Since I started these treatments, I only want to experience more and I am more and more stimulated by what this does to me. Simply magical...

    Saskia, 41y from Kortrijk (session 2) [therapist: Christophe]

    Unsure, nervous and full of excitement for the unknown I step inside at Christophe's place.
    He exudes a warmth and tranquility, so I know that everything will be fine.
    The tantra yoni massage is so intense, I'm in a kind of trance and it feels blissful, even when Christophe does not touch me my body reacts with trembling, every fiber in my body is awake and excited.
    When I made the appointment I was not sure about the yoni massage, but I'm glad I did this, it was too good to stop!
    The yoni massage was really the icing on the cake for me!
    I went inside insecure and stepped outside without shame while experiencing the most intimate and intense experience ...
    There are no words to describe this.
    Thank you Christophe for who you are and what you have brought about with me, indescribably intense and beautiful!

    Saskia, 41y from Kortrijk (session 1) [therapist: Christophe]

    I found the treatment very professional. At first I felt a bit uncomfortable but that changed very quickly because of the soft, professional way of working. I could leave home quietly and relaxed!

    Ine, 26y from Kortrijk (session 1) [therapist: Christophe]

    When I washed the first time after the treatment, everything felt very different. I wanted to wash away all the remains of menstruation and then I go deep with my fingers. Do you know what it felt like for me? Honest? so super soft, loose ... free ... as if there has never been someone inside and everything is in harmony without trauma. And the cervix was just closer. You have worked on it in an energetic way! Very clear difference.

    Liesbeth, 37y from Zwevegem (session 1) [therapist: Christophe]

    Christophe has a very soft touch and creates a warm and trusting atmosphere. It is very important for me to be able to relax and really go deeper mentally and be more open emotionally during a yoni massage. With him, every massage is a unique experience, my personal way of exploring myself and my energies with his magical touch. A true professional!

    Jane, 31y from New York (session 1) [therapist: Christophe]

    Are you pregnant?
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    I will inform you as soon as possible of the additional costs for kilometers and extra time
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    DO NOT suggest dates on weekends please
    DO NOT suggest dates on weekends please
    DO NOT suggest dates on weekends please
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    Double rate applies for duo massage.
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