Country: Belgium
Province: East Flandres (BE)
Location: BE - Aalst
Therapist for: Men, Women
Therapy form: 4-hands massage, Duo massage, Energetic massage, Intuitive healing massage, Lomi-lomi massage, Tantra massage (lingam), Tantra massage (yoni)

About me

Tantra massage IsabelleMy name is Isabelle and I have been on my path as a life coach and energetic massage therapist for almost 15 years.
I am a mother of 2 children on the threshold of adulthood, with whom I share culinary, cultural and spiritual interests.
Until 2018 I have combined administrative jobs in mainly pharma, naturopathy (secretariat/translations, reception,..) as well as medical secretary with my personal 'tao' (or 'path') within alternative medicine & the wonderful world of bodywork and massage. I can now be thankful for my 2 burn-outs during these turbulent years, because they brought me to the person I am NOW and the vision and positive energy I want to spread. In recent years I have also been walking more on the path of yoga, tantra and ayurveda.
I feel Tantra as a source that I have always felt within me, as a slumbering energy that has wanted to find its way and I can now channel this beautiful energy as a lifestyle both professionally and privately with my partner.


2006-2008: 3 years Health Coach (Syntra Central Flanders)
2008: Hot stone massage (Syntra Central Flanders)
2008: Herbal stamp massage (Wellness Academy)
2010: Reiki I (Veronika Reniers)  |  Initiation Foot Reflexology (Daniel Defruyt)
2014: Ayurvedic massage (School of Beauty Antwerp)
2017: 'Conscious movement' series (Hilde Broeckhove, Senior TAO instructor)
2018: 'Dealing with HSP' (Open Mind Center in Lovendegem)
2021: Home Course Behavioral Sciences (NHA)
2022: (Feb-March): Tantra online training YACEP international certificate: tantra meditation, tantra yoga (Kashish Yoga School Goa, India)
2022: (May-July): Ayurveda Online Training YACEP International Certificate (Kashish Yoga School Goa, India)

Course & rates

With every massage it is important to first land in your own body, both for the giver of the massage and for the receiver.
If you come to me for a massage or treatment, we will start with a short intake interview. This helps us to get to know each other's boundaries as well as to make the first connection (90% non-verbal). Your intention, your motive is crucial here.
This intention must be of a pure nature, and in no case of a purely sexual nature.

Energetic massage

An energetic massage is both relaxing and energy-enhancing. With this massage, in which I bring together the influences from the West and the East in one unique massage, I reach out to you to get closer to your true core.
Your chakras (energy centers in your body on both a physical and emotional level) are touched, awakened and any blockages can be resolved. Certain pressure points (such as those known in acupuncture, among others) will also be touched. Even after the massage you can still feel the effect on a physical, emotional and spiritual level for a while.


90min - €110

Tantra massage

After an intake interview, in which we attune ourselves energetically, while enjoying a tea or other healthy drink, we proceed to the ceremonial part of the session. Together we land in our own body, to the core of our hearts. We feel our intention.

Why am I here now, how do I feel right now? I guide you to align our breathing, taking the next step in the connection, now towards each other. From that moment on you can put your trust in my hands and go in full surrender to make a unique, individual journey. Your journey in your body and mind, here I am only your gentle fellow traveler. An interaction of a purely sexual nature will not be accepted. As a recipient you can open yourself completely to receive, in no way do you have to give me anything. If it feels good in a spontaneous, energetic way that there are mutual touches, then there is room for this. In no way, however, should this be presumed, it depends on the unique interaction between giver and receiver and can even differ from one session to another.

The moment our breathing is attuned to each other, we will take the shawl away from each other in a very respectful way. These pareos are ready upon your arrival, you don't have to bring anything yourself.
I'll take you on a wonderful relaxing journey inside. We start with the back of the body. No body part will remain untouched. Your kundalini / life energy is awakened step by step through your shushumna (energy channel that runs through the spine). Afterwards, the front of your body will be next. Every part of your body gets full attention, and may be there.

According to the energy that is present between us afterwards, there can also be room to cuddle, this can also be done in a sitting position, for example, one person sitting in the lap of the other. Whether this will be there or not always depends on the moment. The motto is 'go with the flow', as long as the boundaries of both parties are respected, of course.

During the last part of the tantra session, we both land in our own body, we already disconnect energetically from each other to a large extent. This is also necessary to be able to come back to ourselves. There is plenty of room for feedback, which is greatly appreciated.
If at the beginning of the session we chose to conclude the tea moment, then there is now room for this during the exchange of thoughts, possibly emotions, .. Each massage is unique, also according to the life phase and the processes you are currently in.

During lingam or yoni massage it is mainly about awakening our life energy (kundalini), and the goal should not be to achieve a happy ending.

Everything is there (towels, pareos, warm massage oil...). You don't have to bring anything. If desired, you may bring your own bathrobe or slippers/warm socks for during the feedback moment.

The total time of your visit varies with a tantra session between 90 minutes and 2h30. Prices remain the same, even if you choose to end the session after 60 minutes or 90 minutes. Under no circumstances can there be a 'offer' at the established price.


Individual :      90min - max. 2h30 : € 180
Duo - couple:   90min - max. 2h30 : € 340


Tantra massage appointment

Make an appointment and if possible already suggest some dates.

Yoni massage

Yoni massage

Experience the healing effects of a yoni massage in terms of health and sexuality in a harmony of touch and energetic work.

Lingam massage

Lingam massage

Experience the healing effects of a lingam massage in terms of health and sexuality in a harmony of touch and energetic work.

Bekkenbodem massage

Bekkenbodem massage

Relax the muscles of your pelvic floor through a pelvic floor massage and thus help avoid or solve a whole range of painful problems.


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