Country: Belgium
Province: Antwerp (BE)
Location: BE - Zwijndrecht
Therapist for: Women
Therapy form: Lomi-lomi massage, Tantra massage (yoni)

About me

Michaël tantra massage

Tantra came on Michael's path as evidence in his own scientific research into what healing is and can mean for a person. In addition to facilitating, therapy equals self-practice as well as teaching self-practice so that people can heal themselves.

After 25 years of passive research into brain waves, breathwork and meditation, Michaël has suddenly become very active in this research since 2020. Kundalini energy has brought him to a lot of self-study, intensive self-practice and numerous courses that reinforce each other cross-over. The path ran from intense Kundalini Activation to True Heart Conection, Transcendental Meditation, Kundalini Bodywork, Breathwork, De-armoring, Shadowwork, Shaktipat, Tantra studies, Therapeutic massage, Ayurvedic massage, Lomi-Lomi massage, Tantra massage, Innerdance, La Nueva Térapia and Wataflow, for now.

Originally, the plan was to investigate this from a scientific perspective with the feet on the ground in order to be able to apply it to oneself. During this trip, Michael was able to meet a lot of beautiful people where he was able to apply all these techniques frequently. To keep it pure, Michael has held back for a long time from coming out with this. Nevertheless, the calling has become too strong, so that he can do no more than offer his services and share his knowledge with others.

“It is twofold for me: There is an enormous passion in me, which wants to delve further into the matter and to gather more and more knowledge. In addition, it is usually, also for myself, wonderful to be able to facilitate. Allowing space for someone's unconditional bliss is also a bit of a bliss for myself.”


Personally, I like to have a conversation with a cup of tea first. In warm weather, this can be done in the garden, on the terrace under the large tent by the swimming pond. If you feel like taking a dip first, that's totally ok. During our connecting conversation, I would like to learn more about your motives. Which obstacles you have already taken on your life path, which you can still have a hard time with. To get to where you are at this moment in your life and how you feel about it on a daily basis and how you feel at the moment of your presence. Where there have already been physical tensions and currently still exist.

Then I will explain what you can expect. The entire session is completely in your control and the magic word “stop” is the most valuable asset in my existence as a therapist. During the entire session I am dressed and this remains the case. As a healer I do give my unconditional love so that you can let go, but I will not tolerate any form of sexual advancement and this applies for a minimum of three months after the session. Just as I show all the respect for my customers, I also expect the same respect in return, we are equal.

The massage room is inside next to the terrace. There are always enough towels provided, a massage table and a wide futton, which is the easiest thing for Tantra massage. If you prefer to use the massage table, I will not make a problem of that. The massage room has a cozy sitting area and a bathroom with shower. If you want to take a dip in the jacuzzi on the terrace after the massage, this is possible for a small additional charge.

After the session we have a recap conversation where you can land and share your experience. During this interview, if I deem it necessary, I will give tips regarding the information you shared during the intake interview. As well as some tips to make the experience last as long as possible.


  • €240 for 2 hours (of which 1.5 hours massage) without yoni massage
  • €320 for 3 hours (of which 2.5 hours massage) with the option of a yoni massage


Good hygiene is extremely important to you and to me. If, due to circumstances, you realize that you are not meeting this sufficiently at the time of arrival, feel free to indicate this (that is completely ok) so that you can take a shower in the bathroom at the practice. Rather that you indicate it yourself than that I have to say it (and then it's still completely ok for me).

Michaël tantra massage praktijk


Tantra massage appointment

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Yoni massage

Yoni massage

Experience the healing effects of a yoni massage in terms of health and sexuality in a harmony of touch and energetic work.

Lingam massage

Lingam massage

Experience the healing effects of a lingam massage in terms of health and sexuality in a harmony of touch and energetic work.

Bekkenbodem massage

Bekkenbodem massage

Relax the muscles of your pelvic floor through a pelvic floor massage and thus help avoid or solve a whole range of painful problems.


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