Country: Belgium
    Province: East Flandres (BE)
    Location: BE - Nederbrakel
    Therapist for: Men, Women
    Therapy form: Energetic soundhealing, Shakti Snake massage, Tantra massage (lingam), Tantra massage (yoni), Tantra massage workshop

    About me

    Tantra massage sjamanisme SanPersonal growth and spirituality have always been a common thread in my life. I strive to embrace every part of myself with love and experience it completely, to live it.
    Early on I started looking for how we can tap into our self-healing capacity so that our physical, mental and spiritual body is in balance. I studied all kinds of courses and training, including reiki, holistic pulsing, energetic and tantra massages and the shamanic path. I was able to discover my voice and experience how sounds and vibrations penetrate to the deepest layers of the body. This allows blockages, traumas and burdensome energies to dissolve and you achieve self-healing. Tantra can contribute a lot to this. It is an invitation to look at every emotion that is released, positive or less pleasant, and carry yourself, without judgement, in a bath of love.


    • Tantra Atma – Johan Raaimakers: basic and fire snake massage with Dechen Dorje
    • Sananda Tantra – Patrick Schroven: Kashmiri Massage (February 2024)
    • Tantrananda – Devi: basic, energetic and sensual tantra massage
    • Key Of Life – Carla Van Den Eekhoudt: coaching, medicine wheel and shamanic healing
    • Anamcara – Roel Crabbé: sound healing and shamanic healing
    • Surya sound healing – Maarten Adriaenssens: sound healing
    • The red dragon – Veronika Reniers: Reiki
    • Mira – Catrin Marichal: Holistic Pulsing
    • Malva training – Dirk Stuer: Malva therapy
    • Beauty school: relaxation massage


    Tantra Massage

    Tantra massage San praktijk

    A tantric massage is a loving touch full of attention and presence. It is given from the heart, with respect for mutual boundaries.

    • It is a sensual energetic massage, in which the sexual or life energy flows and brings you into a natural ecstatic state of Being. A tantric massage is given based on equality. Both the giver and the receiver are naked. Touch is done by the giver and not by the receiver. Ejaculation or a happy ending is not part of the purpose of the massage.
    • If you regularly allow yourself to be nourished with the loving attention and nurturing of a tantra massage, you will be more relaxed, more loving and with a flowing life energy.
      You learn to enjoy yourself, your body and your 'sexual' energy without judgement.

    During a preliminary conversation we discuss your wishes, needs, expectations and how to respect each other's boundaries. After a bonding moment, lie on your stomach on a futon for a warm oil massage. Your entire body (back and front, including erogenous zones - yoni/lingam, unless otherwise indicated in conversation) is touched from my intuition with openness, respect and attention, subtly and lovingly.
    Although the touch happens through my hands (or body to body) it is
    the 'self' love that touches you. Sensual, stimulating, energetic...
    You experience a flow of energy and awareness.
    Sexual or life energy flows freely and you enter an ecstatic state of Being.


    Shakti Snake Massage

    The Shakti Snake massage starts with a head massage so that you as a recipient can relax and have the space and time to open your heart. In this state you will be able to more easily let go of what no longer serves you. After this, you lie on your stomach and your entire body is massaged with warm oil. We express the snake aspect through snake-like massage movements.
    Kundalini energy is activated, causing life force to flow and vibrate in every cell of your body and spread in all directions. You experience the awakening of body and mind. Then you lie on your back for an even deeper and more fiery, intense experience. This is achieved through an extensive lingam or yoni massage. The purpose of this is not to induce ejaculation or local orgasm, but to spread the fiery life energy in the body. During this massage I use singing bowls, drums, rattles, shruti, etc.

    Private lessons Tantra Massage (workshop)

    Would you like to learn how to give a tantric massage to your partner or a friend?
    Then you can take lessons and learn how to generate, flow and spread the sexual or life energy in your partner in a deep energetic loving connection into every cell of the body.
    After the lessons you will know the full body massage, including yoni and/or lingam, connection rituals and how to create a respectful and loving connection.

    The duration of the lessons depends from person to person and how quickly you learn.
    It is important to be able to merge the massage techniques and the energetic - sensual connection into one whole and to embody this.

    Couple tantra massage

    Enjoy and receive a massage with your loved one. The massages are given in separate rooms, so you can go deeper and more freely into the experience. You then come back together and have another 30 minutes of private time to share and/or enjoy together.

    Included in the session:

    • Intake/introductory conversation (30 to 45 minutes)
    • Massage (+/- 1.5 hours)
    • 30 min private time after the massage
    • Shower before and after

    Energetic Soundhealing

    We all carry a backpack with us and sometimes it can literally become too heavy, making it impossible for you to continue in the present. Traumas you suffered during your childhood and/or youth or traumatic experiences due to an accident or sudden loss become lodged in your body. The consequences of this are physical complaints, low self-esteem, destructive survival mechanisms, addictions, fears, negative beliefs, relationship problems, tiredness of life, etc.
    You feel tired, lethargic, anxious and stuck in repetitive patterns. Step by step we will empty your backpack so that you can reconnect with your authentic self and what you want to achieve. You are challenged to think in terms of possibilities instead of limitations.

    A session is aimed at gaining more (carrying) strength, gaining insight into patterns, the right experiences and attracting people on your path. Remove fears, heavy and burdensome energies.


    Sensual Tantra Massage

    • 1.5 hours: € 170
    • 2 hours: € 220
    • 2 hours: € 240 (including sound healing)

    Shakti Snake Massage

    • 2 - 2.5 hours: € 250

    Private Lessons Tantra Massage (workshop)

    Rates per hour:

    • As a couple or with your own model: € 70
    • With SanVida model: € 90

    We always work in blocks of 2 or 3 hours.

    Couple tantra massage

    • 2.5 hours: € 380

    Energetic Sound Healing

    2 to 3 hours: Basic price € 90 (for energetic healing I work with the Dana principle, you give without obligation according to your value and your possibilities)

    The massage was like a dream, intense, floating between bliss and the release of sadness. A blissful flow of life energy. Looking forward to next time!

    Peter (session 1) [therapist: San]

    San is a tantrika with whom you immediately feel at ease. She gives you a feeling of equality. She approaches you with tenderness, respect and surrender. Like no other, she knows how to release the tension from your entire body and let the energy flow again through the alternation of hard and soft massage, caresses and tender touches. Her tantric massage is truly a total event where afterwards you have a feeling of lightness, of floating...

    Hannes (session 1) [therapist: San]

    From the first touches it was clear that my nervousness and ignorance of total surrender were completely unfounded and trivial. San gave herself completely with heart, soul AND body; she works very intuitively, the exact pressure in the right place at the right time. She has the gift of merging 2 different energies into one harmonious vibration. Together we went to depths where underlying emotions and blockages were anointed smoothly and kindly. All this was lovingly reinforced with the necessary singing and sound. For the first time in my life, my ever-present skin hunger has completely resolved! Even now, days later, the heavenly feeling is still there.
    San, from the bottom of my heart a great thank you, and certainly see you next time.

    Lieven (session 1) [therapist: San]

    Are you pregnant?
    Additional cost of 80€ on top of listed prices (excl. duo & 4-hands)
    I will inform you as soon as possible of the additional costs for kilometers and extra time
    I will inform you as soon as possible of the additional costs for kilometers and extra time
    PAY ATTENTION! Zoë only gives coaching, NO MASSAGE!
    View Frederike's profile for more information about the possible sessions.
    For an appointment, please only propose dates from November.
    Energetic organ massage
    Neuro-emotional integration
    Given by Christophe and Saskia
    Given by Christophe and Anke
    Given by Christophe and Tine
    Given by Christophe and Anke
    Longer session possible (+ 50€ per extra 30 min)
    DO NOT suggest dates on weekends please
    DO NOT suggest dates on weekends please
    DO NOT suggest dates on weekends please
    DO NOT suggest dates on weekends please
    Double rate applies for duo massage.
    Double rate applies for duo massage.
    These sessions include conversation, preparation and ritual, massage of 1.5-2h-3h, refreshing and aftertalk.
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    View my profile with whom I can give the massage.
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    Tantra massage appointment

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    Yoni massage

    Yoni massage

    Experience the healing effects of a yoni massage in terms of health and sexuality in a harmony of touch and energetic work.

    Lingam massage

    Lingam massage

    Experience the healing effects of a lingam massage in terms of health and sexuality in a harmony of touch and energetic work.

    Bekkenbodem massage

    Bekkenbodem massage

    Relax the muscles of your pelvic floor through a pelvic floor massage and thus help avoid or solve a whole range of painful problems.


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