Country: Belgium
Province: East Flandres (BE)
Location: BE - Ghent | Aalst
Therapy form: Energetic massage, Relaxation massage, Tantra massage (lingam), Tantra massage (yoni)

Tantra massage SylviaAbout me

As a nurse, being of service to others has always been the common thread in my life…
Assisting people in difficult moments, giving syringes, administering pills, plasters on the wounds, it is part of the daily tasks…. On the one hand it gave me satisfaction, but on the other hand I always had the feeling that I could do so much more for people…

Being present and being able to take time, touch, listen and feel, in the conviction that many physical complaints are the result of inner unprocessed pain.
A few years ago I went through a difficult period in my life… I was very searching for who I was, carried a backpack with me, had difficulty making decisions. Then I accidentally discovered Tantra massage. It made me Sylvia 2.0. Happy and thankful for the inner strength…
Someone who now dares to go all out for her passion, without thinking about the judgments or prejudices that others sometimes have.

I want to listen to you and start a conversation when there is a need for it, give you the chance to stop the spinning head for a while and just be allowed to "be". I would like to let you experience what is necessary for you. With loving touches, respect and presence, I let you discover parts of yourself that you did not know or allow before. In short, a warm and secure feeling.

Massage course

The massage is intended for both men and women. For people with problems and/or fears, uncertainty, but also for people who just need human contact and relaxation.
However, this massage is not an erotic massage, so the recipient of the massage plays a passive role in the process.
Hygiene is very important, both by me as the giver and you as the recipient of the massage. Therefore, please always take a bath or shower before our appointment.

I would like to receive you in an attractive warm room.
I prefer to massage you on a mat (futon) because I think this benefits the feeling of safety. The energy can flow better.
We take the time for an introductory meeting, where everything can be said, questions can be asked and boundaries are indicated.
I'll give you a big towel and after changing you can lie down on the futon.
I massage you with delicious warm almond oil. First the back (back/legs/feet) then the front (chest/abdomen/arms/legs/feet)
A Tantra massage allows you to travel to a deeper experience of pleasure, but not only that, sometimes you can cry, get angry, giggle… some memories that are still lingering deep in your body can be released in these moments… know that each feeling is allowed to be there...
At the end of the massage I let you relax quietly so that you can feel the sensations in your body and enjoy being. Feel free to take your time to recover from the me-time moment that you just gave yourself as a present.
When you are ready you can change your clothes again .
If desired, there is time for a chat after the massage…


Talk therapy for chronic illness, loss or mourning: 60€ per hour
The basic rate for a Tantra massage:  200€.
A session lasts 2h-2.5h. This also includes an introductory conversation.
The session can be extended by mutual agreement and an additional cost of 15€ per additional quarter of an hour will apply.
Please pay cash.


Tantra massage appointment

Make an appointment and if possible already suggest some dates.

Yoni massage

Yoni massage

Experience the healing effects of a yoni massage in terms of health and sexuality in a harmony of touch and energetic work.

Lingam massage

Lingam massage

Experience the healing effects of a lingam massage in terms of health and sexuality in a harmony of touch and energetic work.

Bekkenbodem massage

Bekkenbodem massage

Relax the muscles of your pelvic floor through a pelvic floor massage and thus help avoid or solve a whole range of painful problems.


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