Types of orgasms

In The female orgasm, problems that prevent women from reaching orgasm are discussed on the one hand, and aids and tips that promote orgasm on the other.
It's been suggested that your yin-yang balance can influence the type of orgasms you experience, and we'll explore that in more detail in this article.

Explosive and implosive orgasms

Usually you hear about 2 major categories of orgasms: clitoral and vaginal. These refer to the yang/explosive and yin/implosive types of orgasm respectively.

Explosive orgasms can build up relatively quickly and are accompanied by a loss of energy at the time of orgasm. The clitoral orgasm is the perfect example of this and can very well be compared to the orgasm of the man. It is very fleeting, a short peak, after which the sex drive decreases considerably. The released sexual energy is not distributed to the rest of the body and is lost in that respect.

Implosive orgasms take time to build up and the level of energy in your body gradually increases. These are orgasms that are usually generated internally in the body. They are experienced as expansive, powerful and long-lasting, after which the sex drive does not diminish. The systematically built up energy is not lost and moves through the body, for example from the lower (pelvic region) to the higher chakras (head). This can be so intense that you are completely gone for a while, on a different level of consciousness.

Listed below are the most common and well-known types of orgasm that you can experience as a woman.

Clitoral orgasm

The clitoral orgasm is characterized by the rhythmic and involuntary contraction of the muscles of the yoni and a warm, tingling sensation throughout the body. This usually takes a maximum of 15 seconds and after this orgasm the clitoris is usually just too sensitive to stimulate further.

A clitoral orgasm is almost always explosive. Only very experienced tantric women are adept at fully embodying its energy and turning it into an implosive orgasm.

Besides the diminishing desire to go even further after this type of orgasm, at the same time there is usually no sense of deeper satisfaction. It may also be associated with less sense of connection and less interest in the partner. This type of orgasm certainly doesn't have to be compromised, but it can be interesting to explore further, especially at the beginning of the lovemaking or your me-time moment.

Breast or Nipple Orgasm

The nipples are often very sensitive and are connected to the clitoris. Stimulation of the nipples can therefore be the perfect foreplay for more action and fun with your yoni. But it can in itself also lead to an orgasm in which the pelvic floor muscles contract and a warm, pleasant feeling is created in the heart region.

A breast or nipple orgasm can be either implosive or explosive.

Vaginal Orgasm

The vaginal orgasm is implosive and is often also used as a collective name for other types of internal/implosive orgasms such as the G-spot and cervical orgasm. It often takes 20 minutes or more to build up the energy to achieve such orgasms. These are accompanied by contractions of the vaginal muscles.

G-spot orgasm

G-spot orgasms are largely implosive. It takes up to 30 minutes or more to build it up. When aroused enough, stimulation of the G-spot creates intense pleasure and energy that spreads throughout the body. This gives a feeling of deep relaxation and great satisfaction. The muscles of the entire pelvic floor contract and sometimes this also leads to ejaculation as a woman (also called Amrita or Kalas). In addition, this is often accompanied by the release of emotions.

Cervical Orgasm

A cervical orgasm is caused by stimulation of the cervix. It is an implosive orgasm in which the energy is built up even more slowly than with a G-spot orgasm.

The cervix is ​​in connection with the heart, which can bring about a profound feeling of love and ecstasy. During this intense orgasm, the energy moves through the body through prolonged vibrations, which can be a mystical experience. It provides satisfaction on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Anal orgasm

An anal orgasm requires a lot of relaxation and confidence to begin with. It can develop after stimulation of the anus itself, an erogenous zone that is full of nerve endings, and deep penetration. The energy released is intense and can even be accompanied by convulsions, so difficult to control.

Is this possible for me?

Many women think that they are only capable of experiencing clitoral orgasms and that vaginal orgasms are something out of reach for them. However, a large proportion of them are able to do this, but do not get to this point for various reasons:

  • First of all, try to get out of the box thinking, you don't belong to one OR the other category. Saying or thinking that something is not possible also programs your mind and brain that way. Since the orgasm occurs there, this obviously has a very large influence.
  • Another big factor is simply the duration of sex or masturbation. To experience the more profound vaginal/implosive orgasms you often need half an hour or more in the right atmosphere. Unfortunately, people cannot or do not want to take that much time for themselves in today's society,
  • It often happens that the partner does not have the knowledge, will or experience to bring his wife to this point during sex.
  • Past traumatic events can block your body and mind. Emotional bodywork such as tantra massage, for example, can help to release trapped energy of unfinished emotions in the body and to complete these emotions now.

What is the link with tantra massage?

In short, both an implosive orgasm and tantra massage ensure the spread of (sexual) energy throughout the body.

In an implosive type of orgasm and also the build up to it, the sexual energy spontaneously spreads throughout the body during physical stimulation.

In a tantra massage, the therapist helps to release and circulate not only sexual, but in the first instance also pranic/universal energy through ayurvedic and tantric techniques. Since the sexual energy is more powerful, it further deepens the energetic body work. Numerous factors play a role in arriving at a tantra massage with energetic effects, which is not the subject of the current article.

Being able to experience more profound orgasms starts with more attention and connection with your body and yoni. A yoni massage can help to significantly increase your orgasmic potential.


Whether through (mainly implosive) orgasms or through a tantra massage, spreading sexual energy through your body provides a range of positive effects for a healthy body and mind. This powerful energy IS life energy and its influence extends far beyond a moment of quick gratification.

Let's end with some old folk wisdom that still holds true:

One orgasm a day keeps the doctor away