Yoni egg

yoni egg drilled

A yoni egg is a beautiful gemstone that has been cut into an egg shape and polished to be worn in the vagina.

It is estimated that women have been practicing with stone eggs for more than 5,000 years. Empresses and concubines of the Royal Palace of China used jade-carved eggs to gain access to sexual power, arouse sensuality, and maintain amazing health into old age. Until recently, this old, secret practice was only available to members of the royal family and to a select number of Taoist practitioners.

'Yoni' is a Sanskrit word for the female genitals that means 'sacred space'. The symbol has been worshiped in ancient cultures since ancient times for giving life, creativity and love. We will use the term 'yoni' to bring appreciation and recognition - so often missing in Western culture - to the creative power that this magical part of the female body possesses.

Benefits of using a yoni egg

  • Helps develop your female sexuality and strength and gives you more confidence
  • You get to know your body and yoni better and it will also make you grow spiritually
  • Increases libido because the sexual energy can flow more freely by strengthening your entire sexual region
  • Increases blood circulation in and around the yoni, with the following consequences:
    - better resistance to infections and fungi
    - helps with incontinence
    - less chance of problems with cervix, uterus or ovaries
  • yoni egg benefitsMakes the pelvic floor muscles stronger, even more in combination with Kegel exercises
  • More control over and more conscious use of the pelvic floor muscles during sexual activity
  • The ability to achieve orgasm is greatly increased, in particular a vaginal orgasm without penetration
  • Increases the natural lubrication of the yoni
  • Helps balance estrogen levels
  • Reduces symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, menstrual cramps and shortens the duration of menstruation
  • Accelerates the recovery time of the yoni after birth
  • Can help with infertility problems

Preparation for carrying a yoni egg

If you think the spiritual aspect of using a yoni egg is important, you can also first energetically clean it, charge it and then connect to it in preparation for inserting the egg.

yoni egg cleanse palo santo

By cleansing your yoni gem energetically, you remove all negative energy that the stone may have picked up before it came to you. One way to purify your yoni egg is to burn sage or palo santo. Move this around your yoni egg so that the smoke can absorb the negative energy of the egg and the surrounding environment. Do this for 20 seconds.

After you have cleaned your yoni egg, you want to charge it. A gem never loses its earthly energy, but it is always a good idea to give it some extra power. For this you can charge your yoni egg in sun or moon light. Leave the stone for a few hours or as long as you think it is necessary.

You are almost ready to start your exercise, but first try to connect to your yoni egg. Set your intentions for what you want to achieve during your trip. Hold the stone in your palms and say it aloud or in your head. Repeat the intentions until you feel they are set.

How do I insert the yoni egg?

Inserting your yoni egg is similar to using a tampon, so very simple. We recommend placing it with the point down, but both sides are fine.

yoni egg string

For beginners it is recommended to use a yoni egg with a drilled hole, so that you can tie a string to it to easily remove the egg from the yoni. If you want to take it to the next level, tie an extra weight to the string for a round of vaginal weightlifting!

Don't worry, your yoni egg can't get stuck! It can only go as far as your cervix, which acts as a wall, leaving the egg in the vaginal tract.

How do I use the yoni egg?

Once your yoni egg has been introduced, there are a few different ways to use it:


The most common use of the yoni egg or jade egg is strengthening vaginal muscles through Kegel exercises. Simply insert your yoni egg and start training!


Use the yoni egg to meditate, hold it in your hands, in your yoni, on top of your womb or wherever you feel it is needed. Begin to relax, empty your mind and make contact with your spiritual self. Let the energies flow through your yoni egg and yourself.

Yoni breathing

The practice of connecting with your yoni and sexual energy. Insert your yoni egg into your vagina or hold your yoni egg on your womb, start breathing in and exhaling with your mind and body focused on your yoni. At the same time, pull your vaginal muscles together while you inhale, and release your vaginal muscles as you exhale. Make sure you pinch and breathe synchronously. Use this time to focus on yourself, your body and your sexual energy and to bring out your feminine side.

Sexual pleasure

This is best done with a smaller egg. Place your yoni egg and put it in a comfortable position. Try to give it a push in the g-spot region. Play and enjoy the pleasure that this brings. Make sure the yoni egg does not come to your cervix with too much pressure to cause pain or bruising.

How do I remove the yoni egg?

For those who use a drilled egg with a string, removing the egg is very easy. Simply pull the string gently and the yoni egg will slide out smoothly.

Those who use an undrilled egg and therefore no string, can do the following: sit in a deep squat position and push the yoni egg out with your vaginal muscles. If necessary, you can use your fingers to scoop the egg out or try a little jump up and down.

Tips and warnings

  • Do not keep the yoni egg inside you for longer periods (eg while sleeping), as this can overload the muscles and cause cramps, which is therefore not safe. 5 to 20 minutes of practice per day is sufficient.
  • Be prepared for the yoni egg to be pushed out while sneezing or coughing
  • Remove the yoni egg before you go to the toilet so that it does not end up in it
  • If you feel any discomfort, remove the yoni egg immediately
  • It is not recommended to use a yoni egg during pregnancy, menstruation, bladder infection or other inflammations

Yoni egg types

Yoni eggs exist in many different varieties of crystal or natural gemstone, a good proof of the enormous diversity of nature. Time for you to make a choice. So how exactly do you do that?

Yoni egg types

First of all, it is extremely important to note that there are no mistakes when choosing your egg. This is not a test on which you get a score. Just as everything in nature exists for a reason, every stone has a special and unique function. That's why you don't have to be an expert in metaphysics or healing to know which one works for you. Instead, you best trust your intuition.

Rose quartz is the ultimate love stone. As one of the most important stones for working with the heart chakra, this soft pink crystal opens the heart for unconditional love - love for yourself, love for family, love for friends and especially romantic love. Because it is a kind of quartz, the rose quartz yoni egg has a high energy, which is also calming and soothing.

It is the ideal stone to start with and is very often chosen because of its nice pink color and properties.

The stone can be ordered in different sizes and also as a set in the webshop.

In addition, there are many other types of gemstones such as jade, obsidian, red jasper, tiger's eye, bloodstone, aventurine, lapis lazuli, opal, amethyst, etc. They each have their own specific characteristics and if one of them calls you, do not hesitate to go for it!

Yoni eggs of these species can be ordered on request. Contact us for this.

How do I use the yoni stick?

Yoni stick wand

A yoni stick consists of crystal or another natural gemstone and can be used for loving self-pleasure, manifestation and healing from within while giving yourself a yoni massage.
The yoni stick is particularly useful for making the cervix more sensitive again, which greatly increases the ability to experience a cervical orgasm. Unfortunately, few women know about the existence of this very profound, peaceful, grounding and expansive orgasm that can put you in a state of ecstasy for a longer period of time.

When bringing the stick into the yoni, the feeling of cool and pure rock against the heat of your skin can feel very nice. You can of course also first warm up the stick, for example on your belly or in the shower, if you don't like this. But the stick will quickly become nice and warm after insertion.

Different options for cleaning:

  • Rinse well with warm water and some pH neutral soap
    (attention: do NOT put the egg in boiling water)
  • Cleaning with vinegar
  • Cleaning with 1 drop of essential lavender oil or tea tree oil

A yoni stick is completely free of toxic BPAs and phthalates, unlike many plastic toys.

The stick can be ordered separately or in combination with one or more eggs in the webshop.

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